Lin Dekang, who first worked as a senior management scientist at Google, later decided that Google did not make much sense and decided to venture out and set up an artificial intelligence company singularity and intelligence. Think Google doesn't fly? The reason why we

The first time I saw the Mi Rabbit Smart Story Machine was on June 1 of this year, when I opened the Xiaomi Smart Home Software, I saw the Mi Bunny that was raised on the Children's Day because I was not good at telling stories, even though The baby is still very small,

Tencent Digital (Compiled: Rabbit) is like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are relatively expensive consumer electronics products, 600 US dollars (about 4,000 yuan) and 800 US dollars (about 5328 yuan) price is basically not included The price of additional PCs and the purchas

On the last day of 2015 and March 5th, the friends went to the farmhouse to celebrate the New Year. It was one minute before departure that they received the JBL CINEMA STV 280 sent by Aunt Zhang. The building did not start loading directly. This should have been complet

[Home Theater Network] 1. CHORUS in the effector means chorus. 2. The local pressure of the medium caused by the disturbance of the sound wave changes, called sound pressure. 3. The unit of sound pressure level is dB. 4. The unit of sound level is dB. 5. The uni

Projection fashion and home appliances are a hot topic in this year's display industry. If the representative product of projection home appliances is laser TV, then the product representatives of projectors must be LED mini projectors, and LED mini projectors are fashio

The US SOUL headset is a professional headset brand founded by the award-winning Grammy Award-winning singer Ludacris. Ludacris is also a very good actor and has participated in four “speed and passion” series movies that are familiar to domestic users. The Chine