At present, the network threats against circuit transmission networks are rapidly upgrading, especially for SCADA systems, and it is becoming more and more common. It is almost impossible to defend against every "state of the art" cyberattack, so the "containmen

According to foreign media Reuters, on February 16, the chief executive of OSRn.DE, the chief executive of the German lighting group, was attacked by Siemens AG (SIEGEn.DE), the company's largest shareholder. Earlier, some shareholders of OSRAM were disappointed with their strategy of investin

On February 15, foreign media reported that the Google X Automotive Division currently lists more than 36 job postings. We can not only judge Google's attention to driverless cars, but also understand the direction of Google's development. “The driverless car pr

1. What is the manufacturing process of the LED chip? LED chip manufacturing is mainly for the manufacture of effective and reliable low-ohmic contact electrodes, and can meet the minimum pressure drop between the contactable materials and provide the pressure pad of the wire

Although the pressure for the decommissioning of electric vehicle power batteries is not imminent, there is no doubt that this gradual approach should now be prepared and prepared. The oil era is coming to an end and the tram era is coming. According to the calculation and for

1 Energy situation and sustainable development Energy is the basic element of human survival. It is also the main material foundation for national economic and social development, and energy security is the basic support for national economic security. The energy shortage, especially the shortage

As people's energy consumption and building environment requirements continue to increase, the design of the building's exterior, structure, lighting, and HVAC systems are no longer independent of each other. The trend toward Integrated Design requires architects, urban plann