Who says smart TV life only has 3 years? Seeing this topic, I believe many netizens will use different opinions to refute me. How long the life of the TV is, I believe we all have TVs. We all know that most people will answer with pride: "Our family's TV has no

Millet TV remote control too much power how to do? Recently saw many netizens asking this question. In order to solve this problem, Xiao Bian has collected some methods from the Internet and put it in order. Please refer to the reference: method one: Switch to infrared r

Yesterday, the reporter learned from Taiyuan City Urban and Rural Management Committee that Taiyuan City will implement the functional core area landscape lighting improvement project, the whole project is scheduled to be completed before the end of August. Taiyuan City will carry out landscape li

The iPhone is still using LCD screens, but more and more "evidence" suggests that Apple will soon be immersed in the OLED screen. Not long ago, the South Korean media revealed that Apple and Samsung are likely to have signed a 2.6 billion US dollar OLED panel order agreement. The waste he

Search for keywords such as "visual tracking", "wall barrier", and "image transmission" on Baidu or Google, and you can find a lot of different brands of drones, which means that these functions have become various drones. The standard of the manu

China, Beijing – May 10, 2016 – Qorvo, Inc. (Nasdaq: QRVO), a leading RF solutions provider for applications in mobile applications, infrastructure and aerospace and defense, today announced the launch of ZigBee 3.0 Software Development Kit (SDK) for smart home g

In the Internet era, we are all living worms. We can't live without mobile phones, TVs, ipads, computers... As long as we haven’t used the Internet for half a day, it’s as long as it’s been for centuries. It’s clear that the Internet and digit