One study pointed out that some of the sequence variations found in DNA samples may actually be caused by damage during sample processing. Researchers from NEB (New England Biolabs) developed a new algorithm to evaluate these lesions and recommend DNA repair enzymes are used during sample preparati

[Global Technology Reporter Wang Huan] According to the Japanese Kyodo News Agency on February 21, several global IT giants expressed interest in the semiconductor business that Toshiba is planning to sell. If we actually participate in the tendering process, including larg

The 2017 Internet of Things (IoT) Business Index, published by The Economist Intelligence Unit, documents the progress of the global industry in the Internet of Things. For me personally, this is the most valuable research we can see today. . The report released the first issu

Guo Taiming, Chairman and CEO of Foxconn, the world’s largest electronics foundry company, recently stated that he is considering building a panel manufacturing plant in the United States with an investment of more than US$7 billion. Interestingly, this factory does n

With the constant development of the television industry, the size of televisions has become larger and the resolution has become more and more clear; in the television market in recent years, the resolution of 4K ultra-high-definition has become the keyword most concerned b

First of all, I will explain that I am a photographer, so there is no place to say that I would ask you to dalg a light spray. At the end of last year, I didn't know why I wanted to buy a camera, considering that I wouldn't be sure if I would stick to it, so gettin

According to foreign media reports on February 16, according to insiders, Verizon's deal with Yahoo will likely change, and Verizon's price to acquire Yahoo’s core business will be approximately US$300 million less than its original price. If both sides can r