Recently, medical experts worry that LED blue light will cause damage to the retina or even blindness. This news has aroused widespread attention and a large number of reposted comments on the Internet, as well as a lot of attention from light source experts. A few days ago, t

Beijing, November 27, 2012 / PRNewswire /-The world ’s leading provider of high-performance signal processing solutions and data converter market share leader * Analog Devices (Analog Device, Inc. NASDAQ: ADI) in "2012 "EDN China Innovation Award" and &qu

A few days ago, the police carried out centralized rectification of illegal and illegal activities on the road surface in summer. From the statistical situation, the "injured people" of the high beam lights are "severe disaster areas". Many car owners have

LED listed companies have excessive financing, but small and micro enterprises have difficulty in lending. The reporter learned from the Shenzhen LED Industry Association yesterday that Shenzhen is planning to build a "LED industry mutual assistance fund for small and mic

Compatibility with proprietary protocols of router bridging technology. However, some problems were encountered when preparing to implement the VLAN plan. We know that a virtual local area network VLAN is an independent physical network that can be logically divided, and can g

Asia Pacific 2R Satellite Parameter Table 76.5 ° E Asia Pacific 2R Field strength graph Receive parameters Channel name status Encryption VPID APID Language Channel Provider / Region Updated 3629 H 1489 tp: 1A fec: 3/4 TV Filmy free MPEG-4 49 52 Hindi Ind

Everlight LED lighting components series products have recently passed the LM80 standard with more than 6,000 hours of actual tests by certification bodies. At present, Everlight has five LED lighting components that have passed the LM80 test: low-power PLCC packages of 3528 a