The adorable little yellow man is coming again! Following the "God steals milk dad", Xiao Huangren finally "turned over to serfs to sing," as the protagonist in "Little Yellow Man's Eyes". In the “God Stealing Daddy” series, Xi

With the development of smart home technology becoming more and more mature, a variety of smart home systems have emerged. The following KOTI smart home company will let you know smart home from the perspective of communication methods. At present, the mainstream smart home co

Truck, automotive and heavy equipment environments are very demanding for any type of power conversion device. The wide operating voltage range combined with large transients and wide temperature variations all make reliable electronic system design very challenging. To complicate matters that mu

Beijing time on September 17 news, in earlier this year's CES 2015, Sharp external display 8K television technology, but this TV has not yet available for purchase. Since next month, the world’s first 8K TV will begin to receive reservations in Japan. Its panel r

No timeout limit programmable timer/controller Figure 1: PTC41 Timer/Controller The PTC41 precision clock/timer, controller integrates the functionality of many dedicated meters into a versatile design. see picture 1. This versatile, economical, programmable timer/controller can p

According to Taiwan LED manufacturers, the proportion of global LED chips oversupply will reach 22% in 2015, mainly due to the continuous expansion of production capacity of mainland LED epitaxial wafers and chip manufacturers. In 2015, 3,130 MOCAD equipment will be installed

【Abstract】 This paper introduces the practice and experience of dancing beauty, lighting and video cooperation and achieving perfect results in a successful performance. [Keywords] dance beauty video virtual and projection Jiangsu Satellite TV's 2012 New Y