On July 6, 2012, Foshan Electrical and Lighting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Foshan Lighting", stock code: 000541) announced that the company received the "Decision on Administrative Supervision Measures" from the Guangdong Securities Regulatory Bureau, saying that the

"In the past two days, I have also received many phone calls from media friends. If I change to normal times, I may have explained it to others without patience, but I don't dare now." Foshan Lighting (000541.SZ) Dong Mi Zhou Xiangfeng laughs Said. "We must not only face the pres

[Source: "Engineering LED- Technology and Application," Xie Zhenhua May issue] Since 1879, Edison successfully invented incandescent lighting products of human life has become an indispensable part. Usually, we all think that a luminaire can be lit, illuminated or decorated. Few ordinary

The ECU is the control center of the ABS system. Its essence is a miniature digital computer. It is generally an integral unit composed of two microprocessors and other necessary circuits that cannot be disassembled and repaired. The basic input signal of the electronic control unit is four wheel

Abstract: Maxim's Gigabit (Gigabit) Multimedia Serial Link (GMSL) solution converts digital video and audio data serially and then serially over a pair of twisted pairs. In addition, the integrated bidirectional control channel enables a single microprocessor (μC) to program the serializer

[Source: "High-tech LED - Lighting Market" June issue / reporter Zhang Wei Wu Yongfeng] Free assembly according to price <br> Ms. Xie, a distributor of another home lighting city in Shenzhen, told reporters that the current LED terminal market is too messy and shocking the market.

Low-cost transfer trap The so-called 50 yuan, 60 yuan air-conditioner transfer advertising, in fact, most of them are bait. Since the air-conditioning copper pipes are all outdoors, the consumers can't see them at all when they are moving, and the workers who disassemble them in the