LED (Light Emitting Diode) has been widely recognized as the next generation of major lighting tools, and has advantages such as long life, energy saving, and safety compared to incandescent lamps currently in use. At present, LED mainly uses sapphire as the main substrate material,

As early as September of this year, the “Provisional Measures for the Administration of Commodity Coal Quality” promulgated by the State clearly stipulates that the proportion of brown coal ash as commercial coal shall not exceed 30%, and that of other coal shall not exceed 40%

3D printing has so far been limited to specific plastics, passive conductors, and several biological materials. But the Princeton research team has successfully printed 3D printed quantum dot-based LEDs (QD-LEDs), showing that different types of materials can be 3D printed and fully integrated into

On November 6th, Xiamen Xinda (000701) revealed to investors on the interactive platform on Thursday morning that in the field of optoelectronic business, the company's LED application expansion project is currently procuring equipment, and the construction of Anxi LED packaging new project has

Today, Xiaobian received a question from a netizen asking about Blu-ray and Blu-spec on Weibo. The feeling of searching for Blu-ray on Taobao and Amazon is fake blue light. In the end, how do users identify the true Blu-ray disc when they buy it? Pseudo? A copy of Soomal's a

The system adopts a scheme based on FPGA and DSP for video processing, and realizes the whole process of video collection, processing and transmission. In real-time video image processing, the low-level preprocessing algorithm processes a large amount of data and requires hig

Recently, innovations in portable wearable medical devices have greatly facilitated the need to minimize the size of semiconductor components. Many of these devices require on-board memory to store calibration data, test results, and data logs. A common solution is to use non-