On February 21st, the news of the industry shocked: According to the approval of the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Civil Affairs Department has registered and approved the “China Capital and Energy Conservation System Innovation Working Committee (hereinaft

Car audio MP3 transmitter circuit: The small burner is best suited for light and fast hiking. All-in-one stoves have better resistance to wind and more fuel efficiency and are therefore more suitable for use in strong winds, but they can also affect the dive

led Abbreviation for Light Emitting Diode. Widely seen in daily life, such as the indicator light of household appliances, fog lights behind the car. The most prominent feature of the LED is its long life and high photoelectric conversion efficiency. The LED module LEDs are arranged in a

Chinese name: Incandescent lamp English name: incandescent lamp Definition 1: An electric light source that emits electricity by heating a light emitter to an incandescent state. Respective disciplines: Electric power (a subject); distribution and electricity (two subjects) Definition 2:

Mika Mobile, a mobile game developer who has developed famous games such as "Braveheart", has announced that it will withdraw from the Android platform. For Android players, this is an unfortunate news - the platform will lose a good development team. "Developing Android ap

Together to pay attention to the dynamics of the LED market. At present, with the advancement of technology, LED lighting products are gradually entering the mainstream lighting field, and the market demand has also entered a critical period of ready to go. At the same time, huge market pr

It was also on June 1st, and everyone’s eyes naturally turned to the flowers of those motherland. As consumers become more aware of car safety, the protection of children has become one of the important factors in measuring the safety of a car. European EUROTCAP trials, NHTSA (US Highway T