Recently, according to overseas media reports, due to the low volume of stock trading, Sony will withdraw from the London Stock Exchange on or about August 29. It is reported that Sony Corporation needs to spend 10 million yen (equivalent to US$ 97,000) per year to maintain its listing in

Jufei Optoelectronics announced on Tuesday that the company recently received a notice from the shareholder Mr. Wang Guishan that Mr. Wang Guishan pledged 2,100,000 shares of the company's initial restricted shares to Guosen Securities Co., Ltd., and in 2014 On August 4, China Securities Deposi

The brightness problem of the full-color LED display has once become a hot issue of controversy. Excessive brightness is the most reflected problem by passers-by and drivers. The brightness of the full-color LED display directly threatens the personal safety of drivers and passers-by. The excessi

The key to the development of TD-SCDMA mobile communication lies in the terminal, which has formed a consensus in the industry. A good mobile phone needs a good "core". Where is it? In short, nothing is integrated, stable performance, low power consumption and reason

This paper describes the hardware circuit and software design framework of STM32 with Cortex-M3 core as the main control chip, RF chip PN532 and Ethernet controller ENC28J60. At the same time, the Ethernet protocol LwIP is analyzed in detail. The access control system has

Today, the number of mobile power supplies is exploding, and the variety of products on the market has made consumers dizzying. However, according to statistics, more than 80% of the products on the market use a rough electricity metering method, and the homogenization is seri

Nowadays, the quality of air is getting worse and worse, and people's demand for air purifiers is increasing. Air purifiers and humidifiers are different. Air purifier and air humidifier have different functions. The air purifier adopts activated carbon and other adsorption and filtra