1. Development momentum of semiconductor lighting market As a new generation of revolutionary lighting technology, semiconductor lighting is incomparable in comparison with traditional lighting such as incandescent lamps in terms of energy conversion efficiency, luminous efficien

At present, single-chip microcomputers have been widely used in electronic products. Many types of single-chip microcomputers have A/D conversion circuits inside, but such single-chip microcomputers will cost a few yuan or more in price than single-chip microcomputers without A/D con

[High-tech LED News] TCL Multimedia (01070) announced that LCD TV sales in June were 864,600 units, up 145.35% year-on-year, of which LED LCD TV sales continued to rise steadily to 276,041 units, accounting for the total sales of LCD TVs. 31.2%. In the first half of this year, TCL sales of LCD TVs

1 method This article refers to the address: http:// 1.1 Experimental device The schematic diagram of the experimental apparatus and the observation screen of the subject are shown in Fig. 1 and Fig. 2. The two subjects sat on a fixed new seat. Place a bracket with 5 headlights directly in fr

Recently, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission and the TUV South German Group held a seminar on international certification of LED lighting products. Help our city's LED lighting companies to understand and master the knowledge of LED lighting products exporti

The global LCD industry is constantly changing, and the new pattern is slowly taking shape. In the past, the FPD industry centered on Japan, South Korea and Taiwan has been steadily tilting. China will become the next target market for the next stage. The future FPD industry pattern may be With mor

The hot weather makes air conditioners the preferred cooling tool for thousands of households. The air-conditioning usage rate is gradually increasing, and the subsequent use problems are also happening continuously. Since the air conditioner has been placed in midair for a long time, man