3D printing can create eyes but it is currently only suitable for robots

[Abstract] 3D print lenses are made of plastic and are smaller than a grain of salt and can replicate the function of the fovea.

The Verge Chinese website reported on February 21

In many ways, human eyes and digital cameras are all very different. Our eyes do not have a fixed frame rate or resolution, do not need to reproduce colors, and have large blind spots. The human eye is inconsistent with the optical device. This contradiction is the result of natural selection. However, the human eye has many advantages. Scientists are developing digital technology to draw advantages from the biological eye.

Recently, the University of Stuttgart in Germany recently developed a new type of 3D print lens. The lens is made of plastic and is smaller than a grain of salt. Size is only an advantage, the most unique place is: the lens can simulate the action of the fovea, whether human or eagle eyes, the fovea is a very important part, it can process images at high speed.

In Latin, Fovea means "pit" and "trap". The shape of the pit is very similar to the small hole behind the retina. The fovea is the focal point for photoreceptor cells and corresponds to the visual focus. If we straighten our hands and put them in front, the fovea covers about the same extent as the two thumbs, and it occupies about 2 degrees throughout the viewing angle.

In our field of vision, the fovea forms the center point, where the resolution is high and the surrounding resolution is low. In this way, we can gaze at the place we want to observe, that is, focus on where we want to see. The operating principle of the human eye is similar to this, and the eagle eye is also the same.

The small lens is made of 3D printed plastic. It can replicate this process. Scientists hope to create new cameras in the future and process images faster and more efficiently.

A single lens is small and can be used on small drones and surgical tools. However, this lens has some disadvantages. For example, it takes a few hours to print with a 3D printer during manufacturing. The problem may be solved during mass production. (Compilation: Yi Jing)

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