A solution to support the release of high-definition video networks of various standards

Beijing Topmoo Technology Co., Ltd., which is committed to providing high-speed image, graphics, and video signal processing solutions, has announced the launch of TML-X2IP series of video streaming network streaming products, which fully implements various formats of high-definition video The real-time conversion published on the Internet blew the horn of the high-definition process of network video.

From the initial ICQ text exchange to the later Skype voice chat, to today's video interaction, the way people communicate through the Internet as a carrier has undergone profound changes. A large amount of video and image content has begun to enter the Internet. With the continuous improvement of Internet infrastructure and the rapid growth of user bandwidth, the online real-time publishing of video content has become a new focus of Internet media.

With the continuous development of Internet video technology, the application requirements of video networking have begun to appear in various industries such as broadcasting and television, online entertainment, conference live broadcasting, education and training, medical and health care, security monitoring, etc., and present a trend of rapid growth.

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