Adding 20M Broadband Video and Games for Smart TVs

Premier Li Keqiang had issued a voice of “speeding up the network and reducing network fees” some time ago, and the three major network operators have given solutions in the near future. Unicom said that by the end of 2015, the broadband access capacity of urban households in 10 northern provinces will reach 20M, while rural areas will also reach 4M. Telecommunications also gave similar promises. The significant increase in network bandwidth and price reductions in addition to Huimin actually disguised the development of the smart TV industry.

At present, the development of the smart TV industry is quite popular, and now the Prime Minister's voice on Internet broadband is undoubtedly an additional piece of firewood for it. In fact, the biggest constraint on smart TVs is undoubtedly the problem of the Internet. If there is not enough network bandwidth, it will be difficult for users to enjoy online streaming. If the smart TV can't do the most basic smooth playback due to the limitation of network bandwidth, then what is the meaning of the users buying smart TV? Therefore, the increase and decrease of broadband will have an extremely far-reaching impact on the smart TV industry. So what are the implications?

4K video will blow popularity horn

At present, 4M broadband has been able to meet the smooth playback of high-definition video, but with the continuous improvement of user demand, full HD, ultra-high definition video began to be more popular with the masses of people. Now that 20M broadband has become popular, the watching of full-HD and ultra-high-definition online movies will no longer be a dream. Online video will take off under the 20M broadband.

The development of 4K video is not limited to the source of the film. In fact, it ultimately comes down to the network. There is no corresponding network broadband support. No matter how many 4K video sources are used, there is no use. After all, whether it is downloaded to the local or online viewing, it is difficult to give satisfactory results at low network speeds. It is believed that 4K video will usher in a good development after the network restriction is lifted. At the same time add more exciting content for smart TVs.

Cloud games or become mainstream

Many smart TV users do not feel bad about smart TV games, indicating that most video games are transplanted elsewhere, and gaming is not satisfactory. In fact, the current reason for the lack of large-scale games in smart TVs is mostly due to the lack of storage capacity of smart TVs or TV boxes, which cannot support the installation of large-scale games. Based on this state, in addition to the TV cloud games, these games are all relatively large-scale games, but the smart TV itself only needs to install 10 M clients, and other data are transmitted through the network.

Cloud games have high playability, but they are not really popular at the moment. They are undoubtedly due to the limitation of internet broadband. If you do not have enough network bandwidth, you cannot run the game smoothly. Now that 20M broadband has become popular, it can be said that the restrictions on cloud games have begun to gradually ease. In the release of the constraints of the network, more playable, more in line with the application of smart TV cloud games, I believe it will certainly be expected to become the mainstream of smart TV games.

4K video and fun smart TV games are undoubtedly important elements that attract consumers to purchase smart TVs. With the increase of internet broadband, smart TVs are becoming more and more competitive in the market. The concept of smart TV will also be more and more recognized. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that the Prime Minister has added a firewood to the burning hot smart TV industry.

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