Advantages and Disadvantages of LED Light Health and Safety

Advantages and Disadvantages of LED Lights With the rising awareness of energy saving and carbon reduction in the world, and the maturing use of LED applications, the proportion of LED applications in lighting products continues to increase. Both indoor lighting and outdoor lighting are gradually adopting LED products. With the expansion of LED lighting applications, The health effects of LED light sources have also been widely discussed in the near future, including the direct exposure of LED blue light to the macula of the retina and the effect on melatonin suppression.

LED's high luminous efficiency, long use time, easy recycling and environmental protection features make LED light source become the darling of lighting applications. LED's energy conversion efficiency is high, and its service life is longer than that of fluorescent and incandescent lamps. Mercury and other harmful substances are currently the most environmentally friendly light source choices. On the other hand, LED light sources do not have infrared rays and ultraviolet rays, which can avoid the tanning problem and can reduce the high temperature generated by the light source. The response time of the LED is fast and the human eye feels. Not flashing light source.

However, with the continuous expansion of LED applications, and consumer acceptance of LED is gradually increasing, the impact of LED light sources on health is widely discussed, among them, the user stares at the backlight screen including computers, televisions and mobile phones for a long time The blue LED is most concerned about health effects. The blue light in the LED light source has the characteristics of short wavelength, and the blue light wavelength is about 380-495 nm, which is the shortest wavelength but highest energy light in the visible light. One study of light environmental light biosafety done by Professor Yonghong Yong of Chongqing University pointed out that After animal experiments, as the intensity of blue light increases, blue light is aggravated by macular damage to the retina, and on the other hand, studies have also pointed out that the blue light irradiation may be the cause of age-related macular degeneration.

Regarding the effect of Blu-ray on health, in addition to causing macular damage to the retina, this study also examined whether blue light inhibits the secretion of melatonin, comparing the short-wave blue light with a fluorescent lamp with a color temperature of 4,000k, and finding that the wave is short The blue light will inhibit the secretion of melatonin, increase alertness, and increase body temperature and heart rhythm. Experts believe that watching TV screens, computer screens, and mobile phone screens for a long time may have an impact on the user's eyes and physiological clocks.

In addition, the use of different color temperature LED light source will also have different effects on health, in general, the higher the color temperature value, the more cool the color of the light source, the lower the color temperature value, the more warm tone, medium and high color temperature makes the user spirit Concentration, but if the color temperature of 7,000K LED light source, it may accelerate the appearance of burnout, according to experimental results, color temperature is too low, such as 2500K ~ 3000K easier to make people feel sleepy, in contrast, color temperature 3 , 500K ~ 5,000K LED light source, but some people think that this choice is more moderate.

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