Analysis of the Influence of Waterproof Butt Plug on Outdoor LED Lamps

As customer requirements for quality increase, industry standards are standardized, a little detail may be the key to our success.

As far as the LED point light source is concerned, the small product has already been required to be quite high. Only the various processes and details can be used to ensure the powerful performance of the LED point light source. Here we are talking about the plug part.

Although the quality and process of your LED point light source are good, the waterproof plug is off, and the front is no good. For LED lamps, there are unique specifications of waterproof plugs, because the waterproof plug part as a direct contact with the power supply, the requirements have to be strict.

The first effect is the waterproof effect. The waterproof plug should be able to achieve the waterproof and dustproof coefficient of IP68. The material is insulated and the breakdown voltage is greater than 1500V. Working temperature -40 ° C ~ 120 ° C, adapt to a variety of weather conditions, multi-channel waterproof apron interface, pressure pre-tight seal, in the case of thermal expansion and contraction is still well sealed, with high resistance to oxidation and water.

With the waterproof plug that meets the specifications, it can greatly reduce the safety problems such as lamp leakage. Some manufacturers, with inferior waterproof plugs, in the interface of the degree of matching, copper wire specifications, insulation materials are not up to standard, easy to aging, resulting in frequent occurrence of water burning, serious accidents may also cause.

In the case of a waterproof butt plug, this small detail can affect the safety and normal use of the entire product.

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