Analysis of Xiaobian TV Cracking Screen and Analysis of Its After-sales and Suggestions

Now that millet TVs are getting thinner and thinner, long-distance transportation can easily split the screen. I think those who can't blame the quality of the millet TVs should be a small-scale transportation problem. Think about it, the screen of Xiaomi TV is so slim, it is bumpy on a logistics vehicle, and there are many collisions between cargo and cargo. A few 10,000 units will be broken, it should be a normal probability. Courier sorting is so violent that it is not easy to handle, and occasionally receiving a split screen is also within the normal range.

Other brands of TV transport are generally made with one vehicle to the seller. The specifications of the TV packaging are the same. The packaging has a mutual effect, mutual protection, less natural shaking, the entire vehicle is a TV, when loading and unloading Be extra careful. Therefore, the probability of splitting the screen is low. Even if there is a split screen, the seller will return to the factory before sales and will not meet with the customer. In this case, it will appear to be of high quality and no defective products.

The marketing channel for Xiaomi TV is online shopping. Individually purchased millet TVs are generally one. The logistics and other goods are mixed together. It is definitely not fixed and is used to the sorting hand thrown away. This millet TV, so there will be split screen phenomenon. Logistics loading and unloading we can observe, the general vehicle is the same as the goods, will use the forklift or other equipment to load and unload cargo, and this kind of cargo of different sizes is artificial lift, this process, it may collide with the TV, improve the crack Screen probability.

In addition, general forums reflect problems are faulty, and other people with good things are not related to their own, hang high, and the thread is also want to start with the millet TV, asked this to ask that. This will cause the fault to be posted higher than the commendation sticker. As the saying goes, "Good things don't go out and bad things go a thousand miles."

Suggestion: Millet TV adds buying channels!

If you don’t want to commission other agents, every city has Xiaomi’s home. Can you focus your millet TV on China Railways? Or transport hundreds of units at a time to Xiaomi’s home for sale. This will reduce fragmentation. Chance (the reason has been analyzed before). In addition, rice flour in some fringe counties can also drive to Xiaomi's home to buy TVs. Now there are private cars in poor places, and no one can beat them.

Feelings of emotion: Do not use your own signs for logistics, mobile phones can be logistics, but such large and fragile appliances are still concentrated transportation!

Product suggestions:

(1) Microphone: Quickly develop the "millet microphone" and equip it with a subwoofer and a speaker. This is called a home theater, so KTV can be closed and the party can be done at home.

(2) Camera: Quickly develop the "millet TV external camera with wheat", let the millet TV as the "China videophone" leader, use the rice chat as communication software, this is not better, there are millet TV people Can turn on TV through WIFI, group video chat, now this feature is still very popular now! Do something that others did not do or did not do well!

(3) remote monitoring: With the camera, you can engage in a remote monitoring software, compare our overtime work in the company, very late home, you can use the phone to remotely open the home of the millet TV, through the camera to see what the baby is playing at home ,Not very good? In addition, the elderly still have troubles with Xiaomi TV. We control the TV remotely through the mobile phone and help the elderly choose a good program. Are they directly watching it?

(4) Mobile phone camera: The mobile phone is connected to the TV through software (such as screen casting artifacts). When the camera is used directly, the external camera can be saved. At home, the mobile phone can be used as a camera; outside, the mobile phone can be picked up at any time. Self-portrait video, transmitted over the Internet to Xiaomi TV, sharing their joy with parents and children at home, is also very good, so that Xiaomi TV is not really a panacea?

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