Analysis: The TV industry fell into the dilemma of the newspaper industry 10 years ago

Lead: Henry Blodget, co-founder, CEO and editor-in-chief of the American technology blog Business Insider, published an article on Sunday saying that the current TV industry is in a dilemma in the newspaper industry 10 years ago, and users ’TV consumption habits A transformation is taking place, and this transformation is bound to have a substantial impact on the television industry.

The following is a summary of the article content:

In the first ten years of the commercial Internet, from the 1990s to the early 2000s, the voice of "newspapers dying out" often appeared.

It is often said that increasingly digital readers no longer read newspapers, they will visit the website instead of putting the newspapers next to the table.

More importantly, consumers no longer view newspapers as a source of business information, they will obtain this information through eBay and Craigslist. They obtain movie information through movie websites, real estate information through real estate websites, and discount information through e-mail or group purchase websites.

In short, the user behavior that has supported newspaper companies for a century has changed.

However, 10 years have passed, and the newspaper industry has not disappeared.

Users are still growing, advertising is increasing, and stocks are still rising.

Those in the industry who have previously sentenced the death penalty to the newspaper industry are regarded as "incompetent predictors", at least in the eyes of newspaper industry executives.

But then, the scene that surprised the newspaper industry finally happened:

American newspaper advertising revenue trends from 1950 to 2011 (inflation factor has been included)

American newspaper advertising revenue trends from 1950 to 2011 (inflation factor has been included)

Many newspaper companies are bankrupt or on the verge of bankruptcy. "New York Times" company's stock price plunged from $ 50 to $ 6.

In other words, the newspaper industry has to fall into the dilemma that was expected. From the change in user consumption behavior to the real impact on the business, it only takes a while.

Today, the situation facing the TV industry is almost exactly the same as the newspaper industry.

For many households, TV consumption has changed dramatically in the past decade, especially in the last five years.

1. Less and less time watching TV (except some well-known sports live broadcasts).

2. Rarely watch TV shows with advertisements.

3. I did watch a lot of TV shows and movie content, but it is usually on-demand and there are no advertisements.

4. Get news via the Internet, not TV. Only when there is a major event will you watch live TV.

5. When watching TV or movies, which one of the four devices, TV, notebook, mobile phone and iPad, is convenient to use.

If it is not live sports, we usually do not pay for cable TV. In other words, in many households, the current situation facing the TV industry is exactly the same as the newspaper industry at the beginning:

The consumption habits of users who support traditional integrated TV service packages (network, cable and satellite service providers) have changed.

Indeed, we are still watching TV, but we are actively spending. That is, we no longer sit in front of the TV and passively watch TV programs. Of course, except for live sports.

At present, there may not be many families like us, but the increase in number will not take long.

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