Beginners preferred? Aunt Zhang on the first Nikon Nikon D3400 experience

First of all, I will explain that I am a photographer, so there is no place to say that I would ask you to dalg a light spray.

At the end of last year, I didn't know why I wanted to buy a camera, considering that I wouldn't be sure if I would stick to it, so getting an entry-level C shot was enough. So the study of long-term micro-letters of faith is still a touching or pitted SLR. Since the real money product they bought was less than the wealth management product of the believer, they thought that buying a brand new price last year could only buy a second-hand price this year, and the price of 35 and 50 would be nearly double the price of the mud pit and give it up. As for moving, the DxO rating of the entry-level model sensor is actually a little worse, and even some are only less than 70. Think of it as a pit.

This time just to see D3400 Suning Sheng (none) birthday (buy) buying price of ¥ 2499, instant grass. Looked at the goods just listed in September 4.3k, this plunge speed is really moving people.

domestic The new low price: Nikon Nikon D3400 SLR kit (18-55mm) 2499 yuan 24.16 million effective pixels, 11 AF autofocus system. Suning Tesco's current special price to 2499 yuan, a new low-priced kit, the next one is to present a clean kit and card reader, the value of grass has long friends can start friends ~ value of friends broke the original: the new low straight down 100 but only Send a U disk and a clean kit new low straight down 100 but only to send a U disk and cleaning kit Nikon D3400 looks almost the same with the D3300, CMOS sensor size - bald donkey | value 77 Comments 78 Collection 56 direct links View Details

Then in Zhuoli, plus 30 yuan new coupons to start with 2679 prices, burst urine people do not pack a postal, bad review ah pro.

Find Nikon D3400/18-55 kit (the lens for the new AF-P models) 2699 value broke the original friends: Zhuo US network, limited-time specials, and 100 cheaper, start a good time! Nikon's new entry-level, the value of the needs of friends do not miss it! Jining | Value 5 Comments 7 Favourites 6 Direct Links View Details Appearance

Feel free to add a few appearances (too lazy to break it down):

Overlooking large image

Film skills Lv0

Model label

Two interfaces

Use two months to feel

1. Lightweight

As a lazy person, if you give me a D810+70 200/2.8 it will definitely not be taken out. D3400 fuselage weighs 395 grams, a full set plus dog head only 650 grams -700 grams, the weight is almost close to the C micro-single, and even lighter than the a6500. The most important thing is that the battery life has reached 1200, and basically you don't need to bring a charger for 2 or 3 days. Anyway, microstrips always have spare batteries or mobile power.

Although small, there is no problem with holding.


The D3400 does not have Wifi like the D3300, but the biggest upgrade for this generation is Snapbridge. In the absence of Wifi, it is much easier to transfer photos with Bluetooth, but the function of this app is also limited to this, and companies that did not expect to do a camera can do an APP.

This UI first impression still stays in the era of Android 4.4

For example, this upload location function has never been successful, and no photo is taken with a geographical location. Fortunately, Google’s photos still found these unlabeled photos based on the location report of the whole family's barrel after Google’s family bucket opened the geographic report. The logic should be that if the location of this day's address is reported in Suzhou, the photos taken by the camera during this period of time are also in Suzhou by default. Although not 100% accurate, it is better than nothing. The pit is not enough, Google will come to join.

For this upload location function also found a lot of foreign forums, found that everyone is not very satisfied with this feature, and others mentioned that this APP will be stationed in the background, inductive people. The evil mud pit you even stole the patent of domestic BAT Andrews APP, directly served in the refrigerator.

Another point, many mobile phones are now equipped with infrared, so you can directly control the camera to take pictures, which also makes up for the inconvenience of not having Wifi.

3. Quality

Not to mention, the DxO score of 86 points, easy to get rid of D5XXX, only one point lower than the C high-end model D7200. The previous generation D3300 was 82 points. However, the overall feeling as long as more than 80 points does not matter.

4. Inadequacies

However, as an entry-level SLR, the inadequacies are also many:

The screen cannot touch

The screen cannot be flipped (a slightly stranger point of view does not have any X for live view)

Plastic body (after all light)

Bluetooth transmission is slow

Only 11 focus points

What hasn't been filmed on sports subjects, it is estimated that it will not be okay

Into pieces

Just put a few photos, all the photos are not late, some cropped, JPG straight out.

Pure test

The last two lines are fine. I don't want to say anything below.

Pure exercise frame composition↓

You were on Valentine's Day on February 14th. I took a tripod to shoot Lujiazui alone.

30 seconds exposure without the use of a light-reducing mirror is the limit (in fact, it is because of cold and Montreal dog food)

to sum up

Overall, compared to the previous-generation D3300, the weight was reduced by 15 grams and the battery life may have been extended. With the addition of Snapbridge function, the sensor quality has improved slightly. If you are a newbie and don’t need to take sports subjects, it’s still worthwhile to start the D3400. If you use it often, you may want to upgrade it completely. If you don't use it, you can go out and fish out directly.

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