Beware of air conditioning transfer, material traps and free fluoride

Low-cost transfer trap

The so-called 50 yuan, 60 yuan air-conditioner transfer advertising, in fact, most of them are bait. Since the air-conditioning copper pipes are all outdoors, the consumers can't see them at all when they are moving, and the workers who disassemble them in the outdoor can sneak the broken copper pipes that can still be used normally, and then tell the customers that they are "always bad." "". This kind of copper tube can be bought at a price of about 20 yuan / meter, but it is 50-80 yuan / meter for customers, not a copper tube. In addition to the cost of additional materials such as expansion bolts, this one alone can earn more than 300 yuan in one transfer.

Crack points: regular home appliance installation unit, air-conditioner transfer machine charge (hang-up) about 150 yuan, including disassembly costs, installation costs, basic materials (expansion bolts, fixed foot screws, banding), transportation costs (in urban areas) , far distance is another count). If it is lower than this price, most of them are problematic.

Material trap

When replacing the most commonly used copper pipes in air-conditioning, if you encounter irregular units, you will often receive 50-80 yuan / meter, plus the water pipe, cable, back to the copper pipe, this number may not be small.

The main point of cracking: the normal copper pipe price is 80-150 yuan / m, if it is lower than this price, it is generally used aluminum pipe. The price of the 1 meter copper pipe charged by the regular unit also includes the money for the sewer pipe, the cable line and the copper pipe.

Low or free fluoride

When the air conditioner is installed or transferred, if you can charge the fluoride for free, you should be careful at this time, because there is no such service yet. The so-called free is definitely purposeful.

Crack points: an air conditioner is filled with fluorine, the cost is at least 30-60 yuan, plus labor costs, so if the normal charge, the fluoride should be in the 80-150 yuan, below this price should pay attention.

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