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Today, Xiaobian received a question from a netizen asking about Blu-ray and Blu-spec on Weibo. The feeling of searching for Blu-ray on Taobao and Amazon is fake blue light. In the end, how do users identify the true Blu-ray disc when they buy it? Pseudo? A copy of Soomal's article in China's home theater network science may help netizens have a basic understanding of Blu-ray on the market!

With the release of China's CBHD (China Blue High Definition) China Blu-ray HD DVD specification, the fear of the Blu-ray Disc "cottage" seems to have increased. If you pay attention, under the promotion of SONY, in the recent more than half a year, the major audio-visual stores, the audio-visual counter of the library building should be able to see a lot of Blu-Ray high-definition Blu-ray movies in sale. At the same time, on some regular or informal CD shelves, you will see the words "Blu-ray CD" on the cover of the blue CD package. "Copycat!"

Is this really a cottage? Look at the price, 5,60 yuan; look at the track, it turns out to be "Wang Fei", God, this is not only a cottage or pirated... Some HD players who know how to know should know Blu- Ray still has music discs, so take a closer look at whether this "Blu-ray CD" is a Blu-Ray music disc. 50 yuan, how is it possible! "Mountain Blu-ray camp" quickly positioned?

In the minds of the majority of players, there are currently three types of cottage Blu-ray:

The first is the oldest, the HD source (currently the vast majority of Blu-Ray movies) is encoded in AVC, and the size of a movie can be compressed into a DVD, which is commonly known as AVC\HD\ DVD, this kind of disc can be played by the earliest PS3, which is very popular among users. Many of them can be found on Taobao, but in the early days, in order to deceive consumers, they often called such a disc "Blu-ray" and "DVD". We call it "Blu-ray Cottage One."

The second type is the CBHD that has recently emerged. In fact, it was called C-HD on the DVD Forum, which is China High Definition. I don’t know why I want to add Blue to the domestic promotion. I don’t know what it is related to Blue. We also don't agree that the one-sided CBHD is equivalent to the deprecated HD DVD. After all, AVS encoding and modulation coding are completely different from HDDVD. But CBHD, the name of the method is indeed a cottage, and is a scum in the cottage! It is the "Blu-ray cottage No. 2".

The third type of Blu-ray CD is the tens of dollars mentioned above. These CDs have a lot of tricks. It is very popular in the 2001-04 DVD piracy, the pirate enthusiasm is booming, the high-end words that can be used are used, what SuperBit, what material is used in the platter, the strange is even the PS2 game console All played. Since we have not bought the domestic "Blu-ray CD" on the counter or even JOYO online, but it is estimated that it is still a scum in the cottage. This is the "Blu-ray Cottage No.3".

False blue light

Cottage pirated Blu-ray CD

A true Blu-ray Audio CD

In addition, there are two kinds of music discs that are really related to SONY and related to Blu-Ray. One is to use pure music discs of Blu-Ray discs, and still use the audio encoding methods commonly used in high-definition movies in audio formats, such as LPCM, DTS HD MastAudio and other two-channel and multi-channel lossless compressed audio formats. From a perspective, this may be considered by the enthusiasts to be the most authentic Blu-ray disc, because the disc is Blu-ray, no different from HD video discs, single-sided single-layer 25GB capacity.

Blu-spec CD

Blu-spec CD

The other is the Blu-spec CD that we suspect has something to do with the Shanzhai III. SONY released this specification CD at the end of 2008. Its data structure and PCM code are no different from existing CDs. It can be played on ordinary CDs. The main difference lies in the physical materials and manufacturing process of the discs. This CD uses Blue Laser Diode (BLD technology, Blu-ray rectification?) for Blu-ray discs, and the disc uses high-quality polyethylene made from Blu-ray discs to make better discs (Blu-spec) CD), let Jitter lower.

According to the information provided by the official: Blue Laser Diode engraved master disk, combined with advanced fiber optic transmission, the information track pits, track grooves are more accurate, the disk surface is more flat, the poor refraction is reduced, can achieve higher than ordinary CD records Tableting accuracy and higher stability.

If you encounter the Blu-spec CD, I think everyone is interested in buying a piece to listen to on their own CD, we will also find ways to find some for everyone to review. According to the 21hifi website evaluation, the performance of the Blu-spec CD on the medium and high-end CD players is still relatively improved compared with the ordinary CD. At least the difference in audibility is more than XRCD. In the future, we have the opportunity to try it for everyone, perhaps there are readers. Friends have already tasted the early adopters, and I would like to thank you for your advice.

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