China's lightest and thinnest LED rental screen - "LED screen" shocked

The LED rental display is designed as a custom aluminum case with light, thin and quick installation as its most important feature. The cabinet is light and thin, can be quickly installed, removed and transported, and is suitable for large-area rental and fixed installation applications. And using synchronous control system processing, can accept DVI, VGA, HDMI, S-video, composite, YUV and other video input signals, free to play video, graphics and other programs, play in real-time, synchronous, clear information transmission Various information. In recent years, LED rental screens have gradually emerged.

The development time of LED rental screens is not long. Due to the high requirements of the rental display screen for the cabinet, the cost of design and mold opening is also large. Some display companies are not willing to involve the LED rental market. Later, due to the gradual enlargement of the rental market, Almost every tens of millions of sales companies now have production rental screens. According to the nation's strongest LED equipment leasing companies are mainly concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other first-tier cities, no more than ten, the number is small but the industry has great influence, is the wind vane of the LED leasing industry.

With the continuous development of the LED rental market, customers have also put forward more diverse and more personalized requirements for LED rental equipment. For this particular market, a new patented product "LED Screen" was born in Beijing.

What are the characteristics of this new LED rental product compared to the traditional LED rental screen? Can be said from the following aspects.

First, from the user's usage of the LED rental screen: it is required to build the main screen, the side screen, the banner screen above the main screen, and also the more difficult to build display screen facing the sky screen below. If the die-cast aluminum LED rental screen is too heavy, the structure cost of building the sky screen will be very expensive; the "LED screen" weight is less than 20 kg / m2, which is half the weight of the die-cast aluminum box, saving a lot of Structure and construction costs. Therefore, the "LED screen" can be used as a main screen, a side screen, a banner screen, and can easily build a sky screen.

Second, from the user's requirements for the pixel pitch of the leased product: 5, 6 years ago may use the P7.62 rental display screen to meet the market, and later appeared P6, P5.76, P5, P4.8 and P3.9 The current market mainstream is P4.8. The "LED screen" specification is P4.8, which is the current mainstream product.

Third, from the LED rental screen box size: the earliest rental box size has appeared: 488 * 488, 576 * 768, 576 * 576, 512 * 512, etc., there are always a lot of decimal points, invisible to the beauty The design and construction of the site brought a lot of trouble, and it took a lot of waste when making the booth. Dajing Optoelectronics launched the "LED screen" box size of 500 * 500 and 500 * 1000, this size greatly reduced the beauty of the design and reduced the cost of the production booth.

Fourth, from the transportation cost of LED rental screen: As the competition in this industry becomes more and more fierce, the price continues to drop, and the ratio of transportation cost to total cost is getting higher and higher. Dajing Optoelectronics' "LED screen" thickness is only 5.7 cm, the same universal volume of the air box can hold 3m2 display, and the die-cast aluminum box can only hold 1.5m2. Thereby reducing shipping costs by 50%.

Fifth, from the speed of building LED display : "LED screen" is light weight, only 1/2 of traditional LED die-cast aluminum display, very thin, saving a lot of manpower, building speed is at least better than building traditional LED Die-cast aluminum housing is 2 times faster.

LED screen

The main advantages of "LED screen":

1. LED lamps with high-end chip packages from well-known manufacturers around the world ensure the longevity and display quality of the display.

2, patented technology SMD full color 3528 series: gold wire, all black body lights.

3, using high-speed, high-gray constant-current drive ICs from world-renowned top manufacturers, excellent drive performance, stable and reliable.

4. Multi-layer circuit design is adopted to ensure uniform current distribution of the lamp board, good heat dissipation, prevent the occurrence of color blocks under low gray conditions, and enhance the anti-electromagnetic interference capability.

The advantages of "LED screen" are quite obvious. The reason why "LED screen" is the lightest and thinnest product on the market depends on the structure of its cabinet. First of all, the box uses easy-to-calculate area (500mm·1000mm), which is also the future standardization trend of LED rental market; secondly, high definition: the main trend of using LED main screen and color screen on the market is to develop to high precision. Brightness requirements can be debugged, control system requirements are unified, so that use and control are in place, LED screens combine these advantages and integration; finally, light weight, thin box: <20KG/m2, below; thickness is only 5.7cm, occupying small space, saving Stage space and transport packing space.

Under the call of the centrally-led thrift party, the market for LED rental screens will grow larger and larger. At the same time, with the government's construction of township modernization, it is also a powerful force to drive the domestic display market.

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