China Internet TV Report: 4 Focusful Achievements User Favorites

Not long ago, Nelson Network in the announcement of China's Internet TV users and industry research report shows that content, experience, multi-screen interaction and membership services have become China's Internet TV users are the four most concerned about the focus.

In terms of content, it has always been the Internet TV brand advantage. This is also a fundamental magic weapon for the competition between Internet TV brands and traditional TV manufacturers.

Among the current Internet TV brands with content as the main feature, LeSports uses the “ecological” brand through LeTV. Xiaomi’s “aggregate” card is dominated by large-scale video content, while Kuaikai is passed through with video content providers. The cooperation is focused on "experience" cards.

In this survey, Tencent's video content resources are higher than the industry's 7.4% in terms of user satisfaction with classic videos, and the popularity of video resources is 2.4% higher than that of the industry. The advantages of live broadcast resources such as sports events and concerts are 5.2% higher than those of the industry. . The content of Cool TV is Tencent Video and iQIYI as the most important strategic partners.

(In the Tencent video, the big movie is synchronized with the cinema)

In terms of home users, more emphasis on integrated experience.

From the report, it is easy to see that if you want to grasp the modern people's perception experience, you need to pay special attention to different aspects besides the need to play fluency, clarity, update timeliness, and classification clarity of video content. User's rating classification. In the TV experience mode, Cool has taken the lead in the TV manufacturers, and the industry's first model of the old model, youth model and children's model enables different people to have different operation and viewing experiences. Experienced TV manufacturer representatives.

(Cool open 50A2 HiFi big content TV)

Due to the needs of the times, multi-screen linkage has become another focus of attention of users, and it has become the most differentiated choice for users - multi-screen linkage, providing linkage from mobile phones, tablets, computers and TV screens, guaranteeing The four-screen open and consistent experience reduces the experience barriers that modern people have due to space and time issues.

In this respect, each family has different advantages, such as Hisense, which integrates Hisense boxes on its own mobile phones and televisions. During this period, there are interlinked functions; Cool Open is based on smart games such as TV school and WeChat TV. The young people's operation mode has undergone fundamental changes; LeEco has always been the main ecological and interoperability, LeTV, LeTV, and LeTV in the regulation, all have access to multi-screen linkage genes.

(Les eco map)

The membership service has become a long-term solution.

Today's copyright protection has become increasingly important and standardized. The paid membership system has become increasingly popular and accepted by the general public. Therefore, membership rights and services have become a magic weapon for China's Internet TV content provider brand to gain public praise. In this regard, LeTV is considered to be the fastest, and the principle of “hardware free software fees” that LeTV has always been playing is a highly confident expression of the lack of member services and content packages.

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