Delta Electronics Releases 4 Major LED Lighting Products to Attack the Market

Delta Electronics today announced four major LED lighting products, including light bulb series, street light series, architectural application series, and commercial multi-function series. At the same time, Delta's LED bulbs passed the TUV EU standard test and obtained the full Taiwan's first TUV certificate can meet the different color temperature and brightness required by various applications, and actively carry out the layout of the channel, hoping to take advantage of the power supply, and strive to lead the LED industry leader!

Zheng Chonghua, chairman of Delta Electronics, said that Delta is actively developing environmentally-friendly and energy-saving products that contribute to human life. LED is one of the mid-term. The benefits of ED are power saving, mercury-free, wide color gamut, and longer life than traditional light sources. It can be as long as 10 years. Delta also applies LEDs to scales other than lighting, such as projectors and LED billboards, which not only improve energy efficiency, but also have many times longer life than general light sources.

Zheng Chonghua pointed out that Delta's advantages in power supply, entering the LED lighting industry, currently obtained certifications including TUV and US regulations UL, the quality of the products is deeply recognized, the current LED lighting products are already complete, and will be The channel and brand sales started and actively expanded the market.

Delta's LED lighting business director Jiang Wenxing said: Delta's LED lighting business is based on the needs of people and applications to develop product design, in addition to the high efficiency and full range of high power factor, special attention to improve traditional lighting The shortcomings emphasize the user's vision health and no electromagnetic wave radiation hazard, and extend the business responsibility from manufacturing to market access, lighting planning, energy saving program planning and after-sales service to provide users with good and complete experience. The most critical optical, power and heat dissipation in LED lighting is Delta's core technology. These technologies ensure the quality of Delta's LED lighting products is more stable and more in line with our emphasis on health, comfort and new lighting concepts.

Delta's LED lighting products have been sold in more than 75 professional lighting companies and 2 online merchants in Taiwan, as well as in the chain distribution Tsann Kuen 3C store. In the future, more building materials and home appliance chain distribution will be promoted. Industry players join and actively expand the market.