Diversified development of the PC market, ultra pole firepower is fully open

Diversified development of the PC market In 2012, it was the year of transition of the entire PC industry, not only because of the rapid rise of the Ultrabook, but also the release of the Windows 8 operating system. The new touch experience has made notebook development more diversified. Nowadays, many people choose this book, not only in terms of thinness and lightness, but also consider whether or not it is equipped with a touch screen, and whether it can even be deformed becomes a factor.

The diversified development of PCs provides consumers with more and more abundant choices. The needs of various users are different. The development of the industry has gradually led to the introduction of products with different focus and tend to meet the needs of consumers. So in the current market, are these products going to be done or have already been done? Let's take a look together.

First of all, let's take a look at the consumer market. As the ultrabooks have to consider long battery life and light weight, they have sacrificed in terms of heat dissipation and performance. Therefore, the appearance of the ultrabook has become the focus. Specifically, it is light, thin, material, and detail work. On the other hand, let the user "love at first sight".

In the first generation of products, Dell XPS 13, ASUS UX31 and so on have done very well, one-piece molding technology, more lightweight than the Air, the interface is complete; carbon fiber material to bring a more lightweight body and excellent cooling effect. In terms of appearance, the Acer S7 is a very good one, the simple design concept even in the eyes of many consumers its beauty level exceeds Apple White.

After the release of Windows 8, the touch experience has become a highlight of the Ultrabook, so we can see that some newly-released models on the market are already equipped with touch screens. For those users who are in need, they have also become more More choices.

In the current commercial market, due to the different nature of the user base, the demand is too stringent, so only a few companies can enter the business ultrabook field.

At present, the most noticeable, it should be considered ThinkPad X1 Carbon (parameter picture article), after the momentum of the year after the masterpiece, but it comes from behind, to the world to confirm the ThinkPad king of business style, carbon fiber body, let the body thickness And the limits of weight breakthrough, 14-inch screen resolution up to 1600 x 900, palm rest comfort, and fast charging technology is more in line with the needs of such user groups. Then a S230u Twist deformation ultrabook is also quite powerful.

In addition to X1 Carbon, a large number of commercial PC makers Hewlett-Packard and Dell also performed very well. Dell introduced the code “Latitude 6430u”, the military standard quality is really good, while maintaining high performance and strict cooling while the body It is very thin to make it very difficult. HP introduced the Elitebook Folio 9470m. In addition to its military-grade quality, the biggest feature is the ability to add an ultra-thin battery backplate and gain an additional 10 hours of battery life without significantly increasing the thickness.

Accompanied by the Windows 8 operating system, is the deformation of the major manufacturers ultrabooks, this is another form of PC development, a product, free to change between the ultrabook and tablet, bring the keyboard operation and Touch two experiences. However, based on the immaturity of the market, various products are in various poses, and the deformation methods are also unique under various unique design concepts. Of course, the operating experience is also uneven.

Coupled with the limited operating system, lack of application, resulting in novelty deformation products, but sales are not optimistic, and the price is relatively high compared to ordinary notebook, it is rare users are willing to pay for them.

However, after the technology matures, the price will be close to the people, and the application level will become more and more abundant. As for the deformation mode, after a period of time, the user will leave the way they prefer, and those who only engage in personalities will gradually fade out of the market. Ultrabook will also find the best balance in terms of price, performance, thinness, endurance, and experience. Although the touch of the mobile phone, tablet, and notebook is somewhat late, the touch screen will increasingly appear on the ultra-pole itself under the impetus of Windows 8. Therefore, the future PC market is worth looking forward to.

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