Do you know the correct way to open the lighting "base camp"?

The creative design from the fire racks is endless, and it seems that these three shelves are a magical existence. Today, I will introduce a "Campfire" lamp called "Base Camp", which is similar to Campfire, which was designed to participate in "Designing Shanghai", but the special feature is how it opens.

Justin Chang from California was inspired by the bonfire frame and designed the "base camp". The design process also referred to the "Campfire" design, and finally designed this portable luminaire for indoor and outdoor.

The "base camp" consists of three aluminum light sticks. The light sticks have oval long holes as a row of LED light illumination outlets. Each of the tubes has eight 1.5V AAA batteries for powering the LED lights. The switch of this lamp is hidden inside, and there is a wire connection between the three lamps. When the three lamps are supported, they can be opened and closed when they are together.

Simple and succinct design, no extra cable winding, no space, easy to carry. "Big Base Camp" can bring a little bit of fun to people living in the city, and of course can also be taken out to use in tents.

Designer Justin Chang is a college student at the University of Pennsylvania's School of Engineering and Applied Science, with both graphic and product design skills.

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