EMS Hong Kong direct mail + cross-border e-commerce experience

1, from transshipment sea to cross-border direct mail

Haitao for many years, mostly transshipment. At one time, I was disdainful of the “cross-border e-commerce” of the rising star. I felt that it was entirely to reduce the threshold of sea nuisance, and that the cost-effectiveness and fidelity of goods should not be comparable to transshipment. However, after the tax reform in April this year, the situation has changed.

For high-value goods (such as more than one thousand yuan), the cost of the tariff cannot be ignored. I am a qualified transshipment business owner who has been diligent, efficient, and reliable for many years and deserves praise. Some of the wind line parts of the product can be subsidized, but like many other freight forwarders, the electronic product tax is self-care. Recently, the new QC35 noise-reducing headphones from BOSE are being hesitated. It is the direct mail or transshipment of the United States and Asia, or the return of human flesh, which happened to happen in a timely manner.

2, salted fish help me new

Thanks to the great wife and adults who bought the BOSE QC20 from Jingdong eBay Global Purchase and went out and said that they had seen it. To say that this pair of headphones is not good is actually not, BOSE's noise reduction technology is legendary, but people like new and old, see the new out, always want to replace.

At present, the wireless version of QC20 has not yet been listed, but QC25's wireless version of QC35 has been shipped, and there are many information stickers on the station. It may be a newly-listed relationship. The concessions are mostly concentrated on eBay. Since they are not in a hurry to buy, they will wait and see. Although the price of the cross-border network 2488 is not very low, it is worth considering, considering the availability of freight postage. However, the new site has not been used by anyone. I will eat a crab. . It now appears that so far so good.

3, EMS direct mail experience

The site was placed on the order and the waybill number was issued the next day. The EMS ended with the HK waybill. At the beginning, I could not find out the waybill information, causing me to worry about it. After a few days, the bill of lading information came out. It was indeed from Hong Kong, and then it arrived at Pudong Airport, and then it culminated.

A message sounded, your things into the customs, or pay 50 protection fees (charges) we "represented for you", or to the Airport X Road own site to do. When I think of Pudong Airport, the remote and possibly the "Dragon's successor", I decided to pay Alipay. Then the so-called charge d'affaires is to give you a web page so that you can fill in the customs declaration information, and it has already been... already... Before the website claimed to be reimbursed for taxes and fees, so it was still a good citizen to read it, and it was completely filled out.

Then again, a text message rings, you can pay, å“’ ~ å“’ ~, 15% is more than three hundred tariffs. The next day, the EMS shipment status update dispatched, as well as the courier mobile phone, however, there is no ... ... ... ... ..., the mobile phone is not working.

On another day, he dispatched another piece. This time it was true. When the doorbell rang, in addition to the headset itself, there was a tax payment certificate and a “protection fee” invoice. Niu!

4, reimbursement process

Having experienced the tortuous EMS tax payment and dispatch, this paragraph is very pleasant. Headphones look good, so on the site to find QQ customer service, the reaction is a bit slow, but nothing, I managed to pass the tax invoice invoice photograph passed, the other party readily agreed, less than half a day, the reimbursement to the account Alipay, together with 50 fee together.

6, EMS direct mail home, how do you think?

Compared with trans-border merchants collecting taxes and fees, traditionally EMS parcels are not convenient if they are taxed. (It is still a lot of years ago. At that time, they got lined up at a specific post office and then handed over the money, handed them out, or retired. ) It is indeed convenient for the EMS online customs clearance, and the postage tax is also payable, but the 50 fee is not a bit of a taste. Fortunately, the full reimbursement of this site is very gratifying.

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