Ensure a smooth TV (box) experience, farewell to Caton only need to learn this trick!

Smart TVs are similar to computers. Due to the presence of smart systems and smart applications, Caton problems can occur after a period of use. Moreover, because the smart TV system is based on Android customization, so the memory management is still weak compared to the computer's Microsoft, Apple system, which requires us to "do it yourself, good food and clothing."

Today, I will use cool TV as an example to teach everyone how to make good use of memory space and bid farewell to TV Karen. The memory we collectively refer to is actually the collective name of running memory and internal storage. To solve the TV Karton, we must first analyze which of the memory space is tight.

First of all, it is necessary to develop the habit of clearing the running memory in time.

During the use of smart TVs, many smart applications need to be opened. However, since you switch applications or exit, these applications still occupy running memory space. Therefore, it takes a long time to run out of memory. At this time, you need to manually clear the storage space.

The first step, turn on the TV, enter my application, enter the application management, choose to clear the cache.

Then, select the application you need to clear the cache, click Clear, and clear the cache. If you install a lot of apps and games and use them often, you'll certainly generate a lot of cached content. In order to avoid temptation of the TV, it is necessary to use the clear cache function. Of course, if you still want to clear the application cache more thoroughly, you can try to restore the factory settings for deep clean, remember to choose to retain the local application before restoring the factory settings.

Different smart TV system management tools are similar, and other brands of TVs have similar operations. Everyone can try it.

Second, move applications to save internal storage space.

Not only is the memory running. With the increase of television use time, many consumers often install many applications. After a long time, the storage space of the TV is not enough. At this time, TV can be solved by moving the application and expanding external storage.

Or use cool TV as an example. What needs to be pointed out here is that if you choose to use this method, you must first understand whether the TV supports storage expansion. The supported memory card is an SD card or a TF card. This is similar to the use of computers and mobile phones. Of course, if you want to support 128GB large memory expansion like CoolOpen A2 HiFi big content TV, you don't really need to do this step.

Of course, some models of TVs do not support storage expansion. However, some of these models have a virtual SD card design. In [Application Circle] - [Administration] - [More Features], see if there is an application transfer function. If there is a virtual SD card for your TV, if not, your TV is not available. If you have a virtual SD card, you can also free up memory space by moving applications.

After the external memory card is installed, open the homepage, go to [My Apps] and select [Manage] - [Application Transfer]. (Some TVs will display the "Application Transfer" function after inserting the SD card).

After entering you can see a lot of applications installed in the smart TV, these applications are installed in the TV itself. Select the application to transfer. After selecting it, select [Transfer Apply to SD Card] in the upper right corner. According to the application size of the transfer, the time spent is also different, and it requires patience. After the transfer is successful, you can see that there are no previous applications in the machine.

There are good hardware and display effects, of course, with a rich content resources, the combination of software and hardware can play the greatest value of a TV. In terms of content, it is recommended to install a sofa butler - the sofa butler is a third-party app store designed specifically for smart TVs, Android box users, carefully providing television, box users with high-quality television exclusive version of the application, including with live Or on-demand video and audio and video software, various types of recreational competitive video game software and daily office entertainment management system management tools. click to download
After installing the sofa butler, open the sofa butler, move the left and right to select the right upper toolbox of the sofa butler UI, and select one button to optimize.

Although the hardware configuration of TVs is becoming more and more powerful, there must be a good and scientific usage habit for good configuration. In this way, TV operation can bring out the highest efficiency, and the experience can be more perfect! How? Give your TV storage space a "cleaning"!

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