Feihong layout LED lighting, the benefits appear in 2011

Affected by the weak quarter and the eleventh holiday, Feihong (2457) consolidated revenue in October was 10.57% lower than the September revenue decline. Due to the flat revenue of Feihong Q3 quarterly report and October, the company was once underweight after the capital reduction. The price before the capital reduction is 48 yuan.

As Feihong has placed LED lighting market, after cooperating with the top five lighting factories in the United States, it has obtained orders from Philips, the world's largest lighting factory. Currently, Feihong's lighting-related applications include electronic ballasts, LED Drivers, and electronic ballasts. T8 lamps, after the company cooperated with Philips in LED lamp related applications, it is estimated that the proportion of LED lamps in 2011 will increase from the current 10% to 17%.