Fitsleep α1 intelligent sleep aid to help you sleep well

About one-third of a person's life is spent in sleep. Sleep is also a process of charging the human body. It allows us to replenish energy and enhance resistance. Therefore, the quality of sleep is very important. However, many people, especially the elderly, have generally poor sleep quality. In the long run, it will affect the mental state and even endanger health. This time, Smart Network launched a smart sleep aid - fitsleep α1. It can be seen from the name, its role is to help us monitor and improve sleep, let me experience it with me!

Fitsleep α1 intelligent sleep aid to help you sleep well

Let's start with the box. The outer box of the fitsleep α1 is quite textured. The combination of gray and bronzing colors is low-key and luxurious.

Fitsleep α1 intelligent sleep aid to help you sleep well

Uncovering the lid, the first thing I saw was a warm English prompt "Let you sleep better"!

Fitsleep α1 intelligent sleep aid to help you sleep well

Although the box looks quite large, the sleep aid does not occupy a lot of space inside, so it is still small enough.

There is also a thimble hidden under the sleep aid to reset all settings.

At the bottom, all attachments are separated by category and are very neat.

The family is coming! The sleep aid, charger, data cable, thimble, manual, and warranty card are all available.

The charger has a specification of 5V/1A, which is not too large compared to current mobile phone chargers.

The data line interface is the Android standard Micro USB, which is very convenient.

When charging, the red indicator light will be on. It will take about 3 hours to fully charge in the air supply state, and the green light will be on.

Spread in the palm of your hand, it is enough to see that it is small, white, with a rounded corner and very beautiful.

All interfaces are distributed on the back side, from left to right, the reset hole, charging port, indicator light, status query button.

The surface of the FITSLEEP α1 sleep aid is made of nano material, which is very delicate and feels like touching the skin.

This sleeper has no switch design. The only button is used to check the battery status. Green indicates that the battery is fully charged, red indicates low battery, and orange indicates medium power.

Since it is a smart device, of course, it must support the mobile APP. The icon of the APP is the same as the LOGO of the product.

You need to register with your mobile phone number before using it.

Then it is the device binding. The binding mode of the fitsleep α1 smart sleeper is very special. It is not simply connecting Bluetooth, but binding by scanning the QR code behind it, which is very convenient and fast.

This type of connection is more efficient than traditional methods.

After successfully connecting to the phone, the indicator light of the sleep aid will flash a few green lights to indicate.

Fitsleep α1 Smart sleep aids don't need to be worn by devices like smart bracelets, but they can work under the pillow, without any burden for us.

After the release, the green light flashes, indicating that the working state is normal. The principle of the fitsleep α1 intelligent sleep aid is to rely on the α wave brain electric chip to promote the human body to sleep by releasing the alpha wave and suppressing the beta wave.

After the fitsleep α1 intelligent sleep aid starts working, we can check the status on the APP. Before we go to sleep, we are in the “out of bed” state. In addition, we also have “sleeping”, “light sleep” and “body movement” status.

After closing the eyes, the alpha wave will gradually increase, and the beta wave will gradually suppress, in this way, to improve our sleep quality. At the same time, the sleep aid will record the status data during the whole sleep process.

In addition to helping sleep, monitoring sleep is also the main function of this sleep aid. In the main menu, we can choose to enable or disable the sleep aid function. If the selection is turned off, the sleep aid becomes a dedicated sleep monitor.

This is my five consecutive days of sleep quality statistics, the score will be displayed on the APP, the higher the score, the better the quality of sleep. I used to use the smart bracelet to count the sleep data. My sleep quality is normal. Usually I sleep more than 1 hour at night. With the help of the sleep aid, my longest sleep time has reached 3 For many hours, it can be seen from the data that the sleep aid can indeed play a role.

The app can also view data analysis by week and month.

At the same time, some tips on life will be given, which is very warm.

The fitsleep α1 smart sleep aid also monitors the heartbeat and respiratory rate in real time, along with text prompts.

Some sleep advice can be given based on breathing conditions.

If the sleep aid is not working properly, it can be reset by the attached ejector 捅reset button, so that some simple soft faults can be easily solved by yourself.

Fitsleep α1 intelligent sleep aid to help you sleep well

The experience of fitsleep α1 intelligent sleep aid is coming to an end. In general, for this novel intelligent product, its practical effect has surpassed my expectation. To be honest, the experiment of brain wave assisting sleep The concept that came out of the room was originally a try attitude, but after nearly a week of continuous monitoring data, I found that after using the sleep aid, my deep sleep time was much better than before. After all, deep sleep can Represents true sleep quality. In addition, the APP function of the sleep aid is also powerful enough. Various data analysis makes me know everything that I can't control before the sleep code, and the APP will give some appropriate suggestions to help me further improve my sleep. For a bad friend, the fitsleep α1 smart sleep aid is indeed worth a try! Finally, thanks to the smart network, I have to say that the smart industry's test supplies are getting more and more powerful!

Fitsleep α1 intelligent sleep aid to help you sleep well


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