Ford S-MAX can intelligently adjust the throttle according to the speed limit road sign


Ford Europe recently announced that its new S-MAX will be equipped with the Intelligent Speed ​​Limiter for the first time, which scans traffic signs and adjusts the throttle to help drivers “just drive” and avoid fines.

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Intelligent speed limit technology integrates Ford's independently developed Adjustable Speed ​​Limiter and Traffic Sign Recognition, the latter two have been applied to the Focus, the new Mondeo and the Wing Tiger models. The driver can switch between speed limit and speed limit by using the menu control buttons on the steering wheel.

The Ford Smart Speed ​​Limiter can set the maximum speed and then increment or decrement by 5 km/h. At speeds of 30-200 km/h, speed limit information can be collected from the traffic sign recognition system. On vehicles equipped with car navigation, the smart speed limiter also uses map data to improve accuracy.

The intelligent speed limiter also allows the driver to set a speed that is 10 km/h away from the detected speed limit. The system does not interfere with the braking system, but electronically regulates the amount of fuel delivered to control engine torque. If the S-MAX exceeds the set maximum speed because the downhill slope exceeds the set maximum speed, the alarm will sound and the driver needs to step on the throttle to release the system.

In addition, when the distance between the speed limit signs is long (such as on a country road), the Ford Smart Speed ​​Limiter works with the car navigation system to accurately maintain the vehicle at the maximum speed. The driver only needs to step on the gas pedal.

As a 7-seat SAV, the S-MAX is equipped with more than 20 new technologies, including Glare-Free Highbeam and Adaptive Steering. In addition, S-MAX will also use intelligent all-wheel drive (iAWD) technology.


Non-glare high beam: The glare-free high beam is based on Ford dynamic LED headlights and adaptive high beam illumination system. It can be adjusted according to vehicle speed, ambient light, steering wheel rotation, front vehicle distance and wiper action. The beam angle and intensity of the headlights.

The core component of the glare-free high beam is the photographic camera. When the camera mounted on the windshield detects a vehicle 800 meters ahead, the system blocks the path of the light through the blinds.

Adaptive Steering: The new generation of Ford Adaptive Steering technology will be introduced later this year, making it easier to operate at low speeds and in tight spaces, providing a more accurate and intuitive feel at high speeds. The system continuously adjusts the ratio between the steering wheel and the wheel, which is divided into the following cases:

City driving: The motor and gear system in the steering wheel increases the driver's input signal, allowing the driver to drive fewer steering wheels during parking, sharp turns and T-junctions;

Medium speed driving: The system responds smoothly to the steering wheel steering input, improving accuracy and fun, retaining agile and flexible response;

High-speed driving: The system uses an electric motor to subtly reduce steering sensitivity and provide smoother high-speed lane changes and easier cruising.

The electronic control unit and steering wheel rotation sensor are mounted in the steering wheel. The Ford Adaptive Steering System calculates the required steering input information and then uses the dashboard and steering wheel controls to match the S-MAX's “comfort mode” and “normal mode”. And "sports mode" three classic configurations.

The Ford Adaptive Steering System works with the electric power steering system to add a number of sophisticated features, including Torque Vectoring Control, Pull-Drift Compensation, Active Nibble Compensation, and Torque Steer Compensation, etc.

S-MAX Drive System: The new S-MAX will use the TDCi diesel engine and the EcoBoost petrol engine for quiet, easy cruising and environmental protection (7% reduction in CO2 emissions).

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