From rookie to master, sofa network play Raiders

This is a strategy for smart TVs and sofa butlers, dedicated to everyone new to smart TV.

Basic articles

What is a sofa butler? What is the sofa net and sofa forum?

The sofa butler is a third-party application market that runs on smart TVs and TV boxes. You can use the sofa butler to install a variety of interesting and useful software for your smart TV. Take a chestnut if you want to install Tencent Video TV. "We love it", download and install in the sofa butler, you can understand it as Appstore on smart TV.

Sofa Network () is the official website of the sofa butler, providing the latest smart TV information, smart TV software downloads and a full range of smart TV software installation methods. The sofa forum ( is a community used by sofa housekeepers to discuss. There are a large number of smart TV enthusiasts here, enthusiastically helping newcomers to solve problems, and constantly playing with tricks to provide powerful playing strategies.

Second, how to download and install a sofa butler?

The more convenient way is to directly log in to the sofa (), click the "Download Now" button at the most prominent place on the home page, and download the sofa butler package. Download a good sofa butler package does not open on the computer, copy to U disk, plug the U disk into the TV or box, open the file manager on the TV, find the installation package, choose to install.

Note that there is no model number for the sofa butler. The sofa butler package installed on the sofa can be run on all smart TVs and boxes.

Third, want to brush tutorial or other resources, where to find?

1. Go to the corresponding forum of the sofa forum

Different forums gather different people and content. Here are a few recommended sections:

Hardware and software evaluation, live program source sharing, millet box, Lynx box, activity area

2. Use search function

The search function of the sofa forum is in the upper right corner. A small magnifying glass icon can be opened to enter keywords.

In addition, the sofa network application market supports fuzzy search. If you want to download a K song software and you do not know which one to download, you can search for “K song” in the application market and select your favorite application download.

Fourth, how to deal with problems?

1. To sofa forum search

It's a good habit to search for the forum first and then search your question directly. To give a chestnut: your millet TV can not be opened, and directly use the forum's search function to search "millet TV can not open machine" to see how other users encountered these problems is how to solve.

2. Ask the forum

If you can not directly find the problem you encountered, you can go to the sofa forum you ask me to answer questions. There are a lot of enthusiastic users and technical cattle to help you solve. Note, do not go to all hardware brands, be sure to ask you to ask me to answer the plate.

3. Jiajia Butler official QQ group

Plus group sofa manager staff and enthusiastic users to help you solve the problem!

Sofa Housekeeper - Millet Box Group
Sofa Butler - Millet TV Group
Sofa Butler - LeTV Group
Sofa Manager - Small Box
Sofa Manager - Changhong Television Group
Sofa Manager - Hisense Television Group
Sofa Butler - Lynx Box Group
Sofa Manager - Konka Television Group
Sofa Manager - Haier Television Group
Sofa butler - Youku box group
Sofa Manager - Skyworth Exchange Group
Sofa Butler - Cool TV Group
Sofa Butler - Tate Box Group
Sofa Butler - TCL TV Group
Sofa Manager - Leroy TV Group
Sofa Butler - Lenovo TV Group
Sofa Butler - Barley TV Group
Sofa Butler - Sharp TV Group

Advanced articles

See here, I believe you have some understanding of the sofa housekeeper, it is estimated that you have been gearing up to do something more interesting.

First, to participate in sofa activities

The sofa forum activity area is a magical place and there are always endless events and countless prizes. Come here, just join us.

Portal: Sofa Forum - Events

Second, Fun forum currency

Forum currency is a hard currency for the sofa forum.

You can accumulate forum currency in a variety of ways. For reference: "Couch Forum Coins Get Raiders Encyclopedia"

Your forum currency can be exchanged for real objects, participation in sweepstakes, or auctions in the integral mall of the Sofa Forum. Click on the "Point Mall" on the top right to go to the points mall to check on the latest products.

Third, the original content

Publishing original content is a way of accumulating sofa forum currency and is also a demonstration of its own value. Good original content can be applied for forum currency rewards. Sharing machine skills is also a very happy thing.

Specific reference: "2016 Sofa Forum Outstanding Original Content Award Program"

Fourth, the tutorial picks the wrong plan

For a long time, sofa nets are providing tutorials on how to install third-party applications for various smart TVs and boxes (Reference: http://). These tutorials have provided tremendous help for many white users who have just come into contact with smart TVs (and boxes), allowing them to really walk into the smart TV hall.

If you have a better installation method, or if you find that there is a problem with an existing tutorial, you can submit it under the “Tuxedo Tutorials, Special Tutorials Submitting Special Posts” section, not only for forum currency rewards, but also for exclusive signature tags.

At this point, you have gradually grown from a white TV in the field of smart TVs to a proficient one. More tricks and knowledge are still waiting for you to explore.

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