Fujifilm Remote Image Diagnosis and Treatment Assistant System

Fujifilm has developed a remote imaging diagnosis and treatment assistance system "i-Stroke" that supports stroke emergency medical care using smartphones. It has been released by Fuji Medical (FUJIFILM Medical) from June 16, 2011. At first, only Apple's "iPhone" was supported, but it is scheduled to support Android terminals from the fall of 2011.

The system was developed jointly with Tokyo Cihui Association Medical University (Chair Neurosurgery Chair Professor Yuichi Murayama) and has absorbed clinical diagnosis and treatment experience. Murayama's positioning of the system is "whether after a stroke, whether it can be handled quickly and properly determines the life and death and prognosis of the patient. The system can make a great contribution to this."

If cerebral infarction treatment can be administered with "t-PA (TIssue-type plasminogen acTIvator)" within 3 hours of onset, or intravascular treatment using a thrombectomy device within 8 hours, it will There is hope to alleviate the sequelae. However, because professional doctors cannot stay in the hospital 24 hours a day to deal with emergencies, it is necessary to build an environment that can realize team medical treatment in the event of an emergency. In addition, t-PA is a drug suitable for cerebral thrombolysis therapy of acute cerebral infarction.

i-Stroke is a system that can send patient examination images and diagnosis information to the smartphone of a professional doctor outside the hospital from the hospital to which the stroke patient is sent. With this system, professional doctors are not in the hospital, but can also provide the necessary treatment suggestions while viewing actual patient examination images.

The main functions of the system are as follows:

· "Stroke Call (Stroke Call) function": It can be sent from the hospital where the stroke patient is sent to, and at the same time contact all the smartphones of professional doctors registered in advance;

· "Timeline display": able to browse all examination images and professional doctor's suggestions in time series;

· "Therapeutic auxiliary function": it can confirm the calculation of t-PA dosage and the evaluation of taboo items;

· "3D image creation function": make it easy to observe the images in the cerebral blood vessels (optional)

· "Streaming media function": images that can observe the operation situation in real time (optional)

According to reports, if the system is used in a hospital where the Fujifilm medical image information network system "SYNAPSE" has been introduced, it can not only be directly linked with the system, but also with other companies' medical image information network systems. The introduction cost of the system ranges from 10 million to 50 million yen depending on the situation.

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