Good choice of living room appliances 55 inch smart 4K curved TV recommended

With the development of the times, television has changed more and more. Nowadays, the size of televisions has become larger and larger, and the quality and color effects are getting better and better. Traditional small-sized televisions are no longer sufficient to meet people’s entertainment needs for viewing, and the demanding requirements of television have also led to a revolution in television. In many TVs, curved TV can be said to have a good market share. Because it has the following advantages: First, better contrast; Second, a wider perspective; Third, immersive experience; Fourth, curved TV can reduce the visual distortion. Here are just a few nice curved TVs for everyone. I hope you like it.

Samsung 55 inch 4K surface TV 3999 yuan Samsung UA55K6800AJXXZ 55 inch 4K ultra clear smart TV Gome Online Price 3999 yuan

Samsung UA55K6800AJXXZ 4K ultra-high-definition smart curved TV, with a 55-inch curved panel, and a 4K ultra-high resolution of 3840 × 2160. Samsung HDTV uses mocha color trim technology + smart base, so that technology and art perfect integration. This Samsung curved TV uses a curved surround design to create an immersive viewing experience. It uses an ultra-high definition image quality engine to meet your requirements for image quality. This Samsung TV has a built-in quad-core processor, which allows you to have a smoother and more comfortable experience. The faster operating speed makes all operations more flexible and quick. Samsung TV has automatic depth-of-field optimization, which can make graphic images come alive and create a realistic visual experience for you. TV also has Huada, smart view platform, massive video and content waiting for you to see. Samsung TV has various ports such as HDMI port and USB port to meet your different needs. It can play the resources of mobile devices and computers through the SAMSUNG SMART VIEW application, allowing you to review the content of happy times.
Konka 55 inch curved TV 4399 yuan Konka LED55UC2 55 inch surface 4K dual 64-bit 18-core smart TV Jingdong Mall priced at 4399 yuan

Konka LED55UC2 55-inch surface 4K dual 64-bit 18-core smart TV with a resolution of 3840×2160. TV has developed 4K HDR PLUS image display technology based on ordinary HDR, and strives to provide viewers with a picture with finer definition, clearer images, bright and dark colors, and an outstanding layered image. Konka adopts the best curvature 4000R recognized by the curved TV industry, and is accustomed to the traditional flat-panel TVs. When you see the perfect surface, you can feel the extreme beauty of bending. When viewed at close range, the extension of the surface to the visual makes the telepresence feel better than the flat-panel TV. LED55UC2 can be excellent to complete the video content, so that a real immersive look and feel. For viewers who have been criticized for distortion and smearing of the screen, the LED55UC2 adopts a 12bit true color wheel engine independently developed by Konka, achieving 4096 levels of grayscale, fine point-to-point restoration of colors, intelligent display of 68.6 billion colors, and more powerful dynamic image processing capabilities. Really restore the natural colors.

The dual 64-bit 4K HDR PLUS chip equipped with the Konka LED55UC2 TV, together with 18 core 64-bit chips, is superior in color reproduction capabilities, and with the 4000R curvature screen, gives you the most comfortable and natural visual sense. LED55UC2 TV not only has 4K ultra high definition resolution, and can perfectly play 4K ultra high definition video, but also features outstanding 18-core 64-bit chips with easy pomelo 5.0 system. It integrates home entertainment such as film and television, education, games, music and so on. The design has changed the impression of the traditional television dull and old; massive video resources for you to create a private home digital cinema; Huang Gang teacher cooperation, with more than 5,000 hours of video content, at home will be able to develop children into top students. Truly a TV that “understands you” has a smoother system, faster response and more powerful applications.
Micro whale 55 inch smart surface TV 4698 yuan micro whale W55C1T 55 inch surface 4K ultra clear smart TV Lynx Mall Price 4698 yuan

Micro Whale W55C1T 55-inch surface 4K super clear smart TV, the most amazing place, from the true 4K curved screen with 4000R golden curvature, this fully considered "ergonomic" design is more in line with the natural curvature of the human eye, it creates A bigger perspective and a more realistic feeling. The new product is also equipped with the MStar 6M60 stand-alone image processing chip, and adopts "Rui Lide" technology that only matches on high-end televisions. It effectively eliminates the problems of blurring, smearing, and jitter, and presents high-speed motion scenes clearly and smoothly. The best weapon. Whether it's HDR technology that dramatically increases the contrast of the picture, the details of the shadows and highlight details, or the use of “more pure pigments,” enhanced color depth, and wide color gamut technology with up to 85% NTSC. The 55-inch curved TV embodies the "challenging better" of the micro-whale TV, and strives for the user's better experience.

In order to have a straight-through sound effect in the game screen, the Micro Whale TV 55-inch curved TV has built-in Hi-Fi-grade sound with two patented technologies: double-sided balanced bass boost and treble diffuser, and matches the Dolby sound technology on the spot. Sound faithfully restored. At the same time, by adding a unique guide design, the loss caused by the sound diffusion is greatly reduced, and the excellent sound effect is again increased by 30%. In addition to the dual-chip design with a powerful picture processing capability, based on the depth-optimized WUI of the android system, the fluency continues to increase, so that the high-speed motion picture is no longer trailing. TV not only has hardware and technology innovations, but also cooperates with video sites such as Mango, Tencent, SMG, and TVB. It also has huge video resources, including animation, variety shows, TV shows, and documentary programs. Micro Whale Sports is also playing on the content side. It can play CBA, Super League, Bundesliga, Champions League and other sports programs. Hardware, Content, Applications, Platforms - Microwhale TV has always been creating a better audiovisual experience for young Chinese families. This new curved surface will really make the stadium into the living room, sports fans, you deserve it.
LeTV 55 inch 4K smart curved TV 5578 yuan Le super 4 x55 Curved surface 4K ultra clear smart TV Jingdong Mall Price 5578 yuan

LeSpot Super 4x55 Curved Smart TV uses Samsung's 55-inch 4K curved ultra-thin screen with a resolution of 3840×2160. TV has 4000R gold curvature, so that most families can enjoy a comfortable three-dimensional depth because of distance viewing, TV screen color is more realistic and natural, allowing you to have a real sense of presence and powerful immersion. The TV uses HDR (dynamic picture quality compensation) technology to ensure smooth and clear motion pictures. It is equipped with a dynamic picture compensation chip to make the motion picture smooth and clear. The TV has a thickness of 10.3mm, which allows LeTV 4x55 Curved TV to have a thinner and harder look. The appearance of the all-metal aerospace aluminum material with seamless bending technology, together with the unique sleek four-corner design, make the TV The machine also has its own aesthetics.

The TV adopts the HI-FI design, creating a stronger sense of presence on the spot, allowing you to hear more things, making positioning more accurate, sound quality beyond imagination. The TV is equipped with the MSTAR 6A938 processor, and the operation response is more sensitive and the system is handled more quickly. TV uses a brand-new EUI intelligent system. Its advantages are simple, easy to use and beautiful. It makes your TV unique, and the tacit understanding of hardware and software makes interaction between super voice and mobile phone remote control efficient and simple. . It is built-in music video store, you can download a lot of APP, make your use more convenient
TCL55 inch 4K surface quantum dot smart TV 8999 yuan
TCL L55C2-CUDG 55 inch surface 4K ultra high definition quantum dot TV Gome Online Price 8999 yuan

TCL L65C2-CUDG 65-inch 4K curved quantum dot smart TV, achieving thin and beautiful, TCL uses a new design, breakthrough to reduce the thickness to 9.9mm, the perfect luxury and beautiful collision. It also uses a narrow-edged design to give a wider field of view when viewing. TV uses a stable alloy base, simple atmospheric craftsmanship, exquisite and delicate. It is no exaggeration to say that TV is a perfect piece of art in every aspect. The TV uses QUHD TV technology, based on brilliant image processing engine, combined with quality enhancement technology and inorganic quantum dot display materials, to create high-end products, to reshape the eye-breaking effect.

TV has 3840×2160 ultra-high definition 4K resolution, and has applied Yue Cai quantum display material, up to 110% of the ultra-high color gamut, so that there is no ceiling on color, thus giving the user an immersive true color. TV uses MEMC technology (motion estimation and motion compensation) to avoid the appearance of tailing, jitter, trapezoidal contours and other issues, allowing you to better watch intense competition. TV also applies HDR high dynamic display technology, which greatly enhances the brightness of the TV, while reducing the darkness to adapt to the perception of human eyes, and better reflect the visual effects. It uses a charm color black crystal screen, can effectively enhance the screen contrast and color performance capacity. The TV is equipped with a 64-bit, 14-core processing chip, which enables quick startup, smooth operation, large-scale games, and ultra-high-definition video, all of which can be easily controlled.

TV uses viewmax gold sight design, it has 4000R gold curvature screen, and then with the natural depth optimization, intelligent optimization and other technologies, can bring extraordinary visual experience. Even at home, you can have the same effect as an IMAX theater, giving you a live movie experience. Curved surface of the screen is also in line with human eye structure, can effectively alleviate the visual fatigue when watching movies, allowing you to see lifelike images. In sound effects, it uses a unique moon shadow surface sound design, clever design and advanced technology to reflect the true sound quality, give you a wonderful surround sound effect.

As a new generation of television products, C2 TV has brought us new smart terminals. In the operation of the system, tcl uses a TV + OS 3.0 system, simple one-click operation. It also has a C exercise fitness app that allows you to make healthy trips with your family through smart exercise blankets to keep you entertained while you're at home. Tencent video platform built-in TV, has a wealth of video resources to see all the information you want to see. The TV also has a synchronized cinema platform that can synchronize movies in the same period of the movie. Even without leaving the home, you can have a home theater of your own and let you see the movie you want to watch. It also has a WeChat feature that allows you to experience new TV play. Just use the remote control to gently shake and control the TV. The TV also has a Geyuehui platform, which has a rich library of high-definition MVs that can be professionally recorded and scored with a camera. It is an essential entertainment artifact for family gatherings and family and friends.
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