How to Watch LeTV on the TV in the First Season of "The Wilderness" | "The Wasteland" Season 1

The United States Drama Wilderness starring Wu Yanzu was released in the United States in November of last year and achieved very good ratings and praise. Nowadays, domestic users also have a good fortune. In the first quarter of the wilderness, the official exclusive landed LeEr video on May 3.

The wasteland was adapted from the Journey to the West, but the story of the drama is far from the original book. It only retains the general framework. It mainly describes the adventure of a cold and martial-articulate warrior Sunny, who escorts a young boy MK in search of a blissful world. The highlight of the play is "playing" and the "Hong Kong-style" play has been integrated into the American drama for the first time. The first episode begins with Wu Yanzu's upswing with the skill and skill of the second-rate killer and the Hong Kong-style play.

How did you see the first season of the wasteland on television? Install LeTV TV version.

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Successfully installed LeTV TV version, click to enter, you can see LeTV TV version of the wilderness information recommended.

Click LeTV TV version


Select the search key of the Magnifier pattern in the upper right corner of the TV version of TV. Enter the initial letter “HY” of the wilderness. Select the first quarter of the wilderness and click.

Click search

Search Wasteland

Choose Wasteland First Season

Click to see

Wilderness is a TV content exclusive to LeTV members. Non-members can try 6 minutes.

Try to see the wasteland

Wilderness stills

Wilderness stills

Wilderness stills

Wilderness stills

Wilderness stills

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