Huawei Wyatt EC6108V9A and EC6108V9U crack tutorial

Huawei Yue box EC6108V9A crack method:

1 find a U disk, formatted into FAT32 format, the compressed package file unzip on the U disk root directory (Open the U disk you can see,, root directory).
2 Insert the U disk into the USB port next to the network cable and enter the set-top box. Click on "Settings" - "More" in the upper left corner of the remote control, and select "Advanced Settings". At this time, you will be asked to enter the operation code "6321" and then " "OK", then click "Equipment Test". At this time, enter the password "131022", "Restart to production test"
3 reboot into the color bar interface, find a computer with the switch, set the ip to, and then execute telnet on the computer (some computers may not have telnet, then download a putty, open the choice telnet, Fill in ip and click open.) After entering, you will see the prompt "root@rk312x:/"
Execute in sequence below
Mkdir -p /tmp/udisk
Mount -t vfat /dev/block/sda1 /tmp/udisk
Then wait for the last line to show done. The power button is turned off and the U disk is unplugged.
4 At the same time, the remote controller of the boot set-top box is aligned with the set-top box, and the “Shutdown” button of the “remote control” button (button in the upper right corner) is kept pressed. After about half a minute, “1. Apply update from external storage” page appears. Select "6 reboot" to restart.

After the crack has started there will be a home screen application selection point sofa desktop on it.

Huawei Wyatt EC6108V9U cracking method:

According to the online post practice summary, it is only B013 at the end of the release number of Sichuan Telecom EC6108V9U.
Crack steps
1. Find a U disk, formatted into FAT32 format, and unzip the file of the compressed package on the root directory of the U disk.
2. Insert the USB flash drive into the USB port of the STB (black USB 2.0 port). The set-top box is powered on. Click on "Settings"--"More" in the upper left corner of the remote control and select "Advanced Settings". At this time, you will be asked to enter the operation code "6321", then "OK", and then click "Equipment Test". At this time, it is required to input the password "131022" and "restart the production test"
3. The TV is blank and you don't need to control it. Set the computer IP to, connect the set-top box with a network cable, and then execute telnet on the computer. The login name is root and the password is blank. You can connect to the set-top box [Welcome to HiLinux].
4. Start cracking:
Mkdir -p /tmp/udisk
Mount -t vfat /dev/sda1 /tmp/udisk (If you can not mount the U disk mount -t vfat /dev/udisk1110p1 /tmp/udisk )
Sh /tmp/udisk/
5. When the computer CMD window returns "done", enter:
Showing "factoryexit OK"
Look at whether the TV screen shows the screen to select the desktop.

Two crack files to download: Password: w0ju

After cracking, we can use Huawei's Wyatt Box at ease, and finally recommend installing a sofa butler. From the sofa housekeeper, you can download various live broadcasts, on-demand broadcasts, and game applications.

Sofa butler - smart TV must use the market, watch podcast video, watch live broadcast with small micro-live, more interesting content with Tencent video TV version, TV home, more TV necessary optimization tools to change the smart TV gameplay!

More Huawei Wyatt crack tutorial please pay attention to the sofa network (); Huawei box discussion area (; if the problem is not resolved, you can join the Huawei box to break the exchange Group: 461123864, by the moderator to help you solve the puzzle!

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