Illumination uniformity of site lighting is better than illumination

Recently, the author visited the actual project case of LED field lighting, which is very inspiring, and the uniformity of illumination and illumination is thought-provoking.

The actual effect of a university five-a-side football field lighting, the subjective feeling is very good, the measured data is even more surprising:

Average illuminance: 121lx

Illumination uniformity: U1=Ehmin/Ehmax=0.54

Illumination uniformity: U2=Ehmin/Ehave=0.67

a university five-a-side football field

The horizontal average illuminance of 120lx has such a good effect unexpectedly. According to the standard JGJ 153-2007 section 4.1.18 (see Table 1), training and entertainment 200lx, amateur competition 300lx, more than double the actual illuminance of the stadium. . The main reason for such a good lighting effect is that the uniformity of illumination is improved, and the uniformity of illumination U2 is 34% higher than the standard (amateur competition).

Table 1 Lighting standard values ​​for football venues

Therefore, the illuminance uniformity index of the site lighting is more important than the illuminance!

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