In order to improve the AI ​​enterprise service chain, Amazon acquired AI startup company

Recently, according to insiders, Amazon's AWS department has quietly acquired the artificial intelligence startup for $19 million. Amazon has not publicly disclosed the acquisition. Considering that the seed round financing only raised $2.3 million, this is a good deal. The 12 employees of the team are moving to Amazon's Seattle headquarters. is located in San Diego, USA, and has two former US National Security Agency employees on the founding team. The company uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze user behavior on a company's critical IP to identify and stop targeted attacks before important customer data can be refreshed.

Currently, neither Amazon nor have commented. However, according to a number of foreign media comments, there are many indications that the acquisition is in progress or has been completed: Trinity Ventures, the main seed investor of, has recorded on its portfolio page that the company has been “acquired”. But there is no designated entity; another investor in, Kelly Perdew of Moonshots Capital in Los Angeles, also listed the company as “unpublically acquired” on his LinkedIn page; several years ago, the software development engineer was already They are listed as AWS employees on their LinkedIn page, and they have been working on AWS since April 2016. The patent-pending flagship AI product, called MACIE AnalyTIcs, uses AI to monitor in real time when and how customers' intellectual property is accessed, to assess who is viewing, copying or moving specific documents, and when they do so To identify suspicious behavior patterns and flag potential data breach behavior before they occur. It uses this service as a way to combat the risk of internal attacks. wrote on its official website: "MACIE can automatically identify the business risks of data exposed or shared outside the organization and fix it according to almost real-time policies. MACIE integrates with the cloud and internal systems, checks login mode, remote Network access, access to data and documents to discover attacks, and develop a comprehensive solution for further review."

As for how Amazon applies on AWS, there are several directions.

The first is Amazon's own security service features. AWS has provided embedded security features and tools for users of its cloud services platform. While third parties provide security for cloud services, Amazon has also entered the field because it is critical for customers to be able to lock down their critical business assets.

In addition, security services are more like an arms race and need to be constantly upgraded to cope with changing threats. Therefore, Amazon's acquisition of may also be due to its ability to continuously enhance security services. Amazon CTO Werner Vogels describes security as one of the five pillars of every service built for customers. For example, last fall, Amazon announced the launch of Amazon Inspector: a service that analyzes customer AWS instances, reports any security or compliance issues, and generates vulnerability reports. More sophisticated AI-based threat alert services (such as the user behavior monitoring system of can be incorporated into the AWS platform itself in a similar form or sold as a standalone service.

From a broader AI perspective, this also includes Amazon's profit direction. Although both Alexa and Amazon Echo are rapidly becoming household names, Amazon's AWS enterprise services should have more layouts for AI enterprise projects. Last November, Amazon launched the Amazon AI platform to make more money from the home AI smart industry by making different services publicly available. The first three products were image recognition, text-to-speech and speech recognition. The acquisition of will complement the AI ​​enterprise service chain.

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