Innovative TRS WCM 6.5 released

Innovative TRS WCM 6.5 released

Recently, domestic content management provider Beijing Tors Information Technology Co., Ltd. has released a new generation of content management platform-TRS Content Collaboration Platform (TRS WCM 6.5). Compared with the previous version, TRS WCM 6.5 supports cloud computing architecture On the cluster deployment, and support content management cloud service model, can provide highly scalable, flexible, on-demand services.

Hundreds of websites, the construction time can be shortened from several years to several months

As we all know, the construction of a website group consisting of hundreds of websites, the high cost and difficulty of operation caused by the construction of separate maintenance will cause a lot of repeated construction and resource consumption. However, more and more large government departments and enterprises not only need to plan the content platform of the units at this level, but also need to cover this application to all subordinate institutions and departments at the same level, so as to realize a unified cluster application. People need to meet the needs of large-scale applications, meet the performance requirements of more users and more concurrent requests, and be able to provide efficient and scientific content management for multi-node applications. On the other hand, with the deepening of informatization construction, enterprises and institutions face problems such as resource dispersion, heterogeneous systems, single application, difficulty in sharing, and uneven management levels. They need to use a flexible, scalable, and flexible content. Management mode to meet the needs of resource integration. From the above requirements, the following conditions can be summarized as essential:

1. In some systems, it is very difficult to predict the number and behavior of end users. The system must adapt to the growing number of users and make it scalable.

2. The single server solution is not a robust method, because it is prone to single point of failure. When there is only one server that cannot provide services, the entire system is unavailable.

3. Load balancing is a key technology of the cluster. By distributing requests to different servers, high availability and better performance are obtained.

We might as an example take the Chinese Academy of Sciences formally launched a website group consisting of more than 270 websites. In the past, the time and investment required for such a huge project was unimaginable, and after completion, content management, operational difficulty, and high costs were usually high. Obtaining inspiration and experience from such a huge project, TRS WCM 6.5 has made innovations in technology, architecture and service models. Through integration with the cloud computing model, it supports cluster architecture, enabling content management and website clusters to quickly respond to changing business. Demands to meet the requirements of users to establish enterprise-level and even global-scale large-scale content management service systems and develop SaaS services. This signifies that TRS has broken through the traditional content management field and is another major achievement in the field of content management.

The first domestic content management platform that supports cluster architecture and cloud service model

In 2000, TRS initiated the Chinese content management strategy in China, thereby opening up the Chinese Web content management market. With the accumulation of years of practical experience, TRS has a deep insight into the changing needs of the government, enterprises, media and science and education industries, and through accurate grasp of future trends, it is now breaking the ice again:

First of all, in terms of architecture, TRS WCM6.5 integrates all levels of the content management system architecture: from the bottom-level resource pool, cloud computing basic platform, content management cluster to content management application, all can be different, multi-level organizations The organization provides rich, diverse, and scalable content management cloud services.

Secondly, in terms of construction stability and availability, TRS WCM6.5 uses highly available monitoring methods to enhance the maintainability of the cluster. Meet the three characteristics of cluster applications: scalability, high availability, and load balancing:

Scalability: One of the most intuitive ways to improve this concurrent session capability is to increase resources (CPU, memory, hard disk, etc.). Clustering is another way to solve this problem. It allows a group of servers to work together Together, they provide external services like a single server.

· High availability (High availability): through the addition of redundant servers in the cluster, so that one of the servers can still provide services after failure, so as to obtain high availability.

Load balancing: The load balancer can be dedicated hardware (such as F5 equipment) or an application / WEB server with load balancing.

Adopt efficient and stable information and memory synchronization mechanism, do not depend on any application server, and realize communication and session replication mechanism internally by itself to reduce project construction costs.

Third, in order to adapt to the station group management and service mode, TRS WCM6.5 has made in-depth adjustments to itself, such as sub-site statistical management, sub-site log management, interactive option classification authorization operation, sub-site hot word management, and reconstruction authority Model etc.

TRS WCM 6.5 breaks through enterprise-level applications

For cloud computing, Zhang Yaqin, chairman of Microsoft China R & D Group, once proposed an imaginative formula: cloud computing = (data + software + platform + infrastructure) × service. As an important innovation of cloud services and cloud computing applications, the "cloud content management" service will allow enterprises and organizations to fully realize the value of cloud computing in the information age.

Today, based on the "cloud content management" model provided by TRS, it fully meets the needs of large-scale applications, meets the performance requirements of more users and more concurrent requests, and can provide efficient and scientific content management for multi-node applications. It avoids the high cost and operational difficulty caused by separate construction and maintenance, as well as a large number of repeated construction and resource consumption issues, and achieves the effective integration of resources and the goal of building a green and efficient website group.

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