IR LED expects shipments in 2017 to be expected to be released by Samsung and Crystal Electric.

Global e-commerce and mobile payment applications are becoming more and more popular, accelerating the commercialization of biometrics. In addition to the rapid penetration of fingerprint identification in the smart phone application market, facial and iris recognition technologies have also been introduced into the application market. Infrared LED (IR LED) products will be identified and applied to customers for certification. Small-scale production will start in the fourth quarter, and shipments are expected to increase in 2017.

Although Samsung Electronics' flagship model Note7 has been recycled due to battery explosion, and the iris recognition application has temporarily subsided, Samsung will continue to expand its iris recognition application to mid-range mobile phones in the future; as for LG Electronics It is possible to release the iris recognition function in the new flagship model G6 in 2017. LG Innotek has released an integrated iris recognition module, which is not only greatly reduced in size but also integrated into the camera module.

Imported biometric technologies, including smart phones, tablet computers and wearable devices, will continue to increase rapidly. The use of IR LED components in applications such as iris and face recognition will drive the growth of the niche LED market. The LED industry pointed out that IR LEDs are mainly used in the field of safety monitoring and sensors, and LED products with wavelengths of 850nm and 940nm are the bulk. In response to the rising demand for iris identification applications, LED manufacturers are competing to develop IR LED products with a wavelength of 810nm. Attack market opportunities.

At present, Jingdian IR LED has accounted for more than 10% of Quaternary LED products. It is expected to increase to 30% by 2018. The German manufacturer Osram is still playing the role of global ternary LED leader. The technology is leading other LED factories, and recently benefited from the expansion of demand for iris identification applications, and crystal power has successively cut into the supply chain of international mobile phone brands.

Yanjing Optoelectronics believes that iris recognition in notebook computers (NB) or tablet devices will be faster than smart phones, and iris recognition applications are not component specifications, but complex development operations such as calculus software and authentication systems, due to Microsoft (Microsoft) Windows 10 operating system has enhanced biometrics and supports fingerprint, face, voice and iris identification projects, making NB brand factories no longer need to invest a lot of research and development resources.

Yanjing Optoelectronics pointed out that in the second quarter of 2017, it is expected that NB and tablet new products equipped with iris recognition will come out, and the market will gradually enter the germination period. In addition, recently, Huashang Optoelectronics has also actively turned to the development of the quaternary LED field, and sent IR LED products to Korean and mainland customers for certification. Huashang Optoelectronics is quite optimistic about the iris identification application, and has the opportunity to become the standard equipment in the future.

Lite-On, which started with LED components, said that the iris recognition application is not too difficult in terms of technology, but the terminal customers are still exploring and developing the application phase. In contrast, they are more optimistic about the growth of facial recognition application requirements. It is hoped that the new style will be developed on the basis of the design of the dual lens module, and there will be opportunities for mass production and shipment in line with customer needs in the future.

The industry expects fingerprint identification in 2017 to increase in smart phone applications. It is estimated that the size of the fingerprint recognition mobile phone in the non-Ping camp is expected to reach 300 million. Although the iris and face recognition have higher accuracy, the fingerprint identification module Prices are falling rapidly, and future price competition will remain the key to affecting the growth momentum of various biometric applications.

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