Isolation - VSONIC VSD2SI & VSD2 Headphones Compare and Unpack


Why do you need to buy headphones? Um, you need to buy two models for you? This later said that it was quite a pain!

In today's highly integrated mobile phone functions, many people are already reluctant to bring a music player out of the street. Behind the plethora of interesting lives, music has become a tool to eliminate fragmentation time, such as taking subways..... A person walking in the street to avoid the embarrassment brought by loneliness, an earplug, to solve all.

With an iphone in hand, EarPods does not count as an in-ear style, especially in the outdoors. Noisy environments mixed with music sounds are not enjoyment, and the micro-channel voices are disturbed by dogs on the road.

I want to buy an ear plug, why is it in the ear? Because it is easier to protect the ear than ordinary earplugs. Do not know if you have such an impression, met a lot of ordinary earplugs users, such as the elevator, across a few body position you can hear the sound of music in his headphones, non-ear headphones earphones are poor, causing the user to open The loud volume covers up the external noise, actually hurts the ear more, and on the basis of the in-ear type, sound insulation effect can be used to achieve a completely different enjoyment with a smaller volume, the only thing to note is that on the road Pay attention to safety, soundproofing is so good that you can't hear the sound of the car horn.

★ Select

In the past, ear plugs such as steamed buns and old irons were not equipped with a microphone. Wearing a headset or phoning a mobile phone before making a call to the mouth was really awkward. It was also a waste of one hand. It was bound to lock up the belt .

He himself did not listen to too many high-end headphones, and his ears were not spoiled. In a hurry, he locked up the “Wicked Nick” who had a good wind assessment .

★ brand

VSONIC Co., Ltd. was founded in Japan in 1980 by overseas Chinese in Japan. It is also a wholly-owned group company of Chinese nationals in Japan.

Actually wretched fire is IMP3 and headset everyone altar, with a higher cost of R02 (GR02 after) to export monument. Later, there was one more thing. Since I wasn't clear about the origin, I posted the content for sharing.

As a later person, I also saw the fog, when the rise of domestic manufacturers countless, but the word of mouth and price advantages, personal style of wearing is one of the reasons I chose it, try it anyway.

★ Unpacking

JD packaging throwing and throwing, there is a layer of plastic outer appearance

There is a piece of tape on the top, slightly thin

Get refreshed. Red and black classic look good

Ambitious message and anti-counterfeit labels

Tell us to buy it, earn it, and fly it. There are seals on both sides.

the other side


The paper packs are blocked by the four pairs of jackets. Be careful when removing the headphones. .


Inside (with storage bag and ear hooks, and a small piece of paper)

Family portrait


Headset (a single key can not adjust the volume, can cut songs)

Remind you 煲 headphones 呦

Ok! Plug in audition! The problem is coming! ! ! ! Before buying to pay attention to the bad review on JD, there are users that the headset automatically cut songs suspended, there is no law

Bad review of this matter, Ma Yunjia is also not surprising, not to mention dog East, saying good word of mouth is a good one? I ignored it

Plug in the audition less than 2 minutes of direct music stopped, somehow stop, LZ is iPhone6 ​​plus, instant egg pain, this inorganic rate event so quickly appeared that I am very unhappy, can only ask customer service, the following is the chat record

What is the big IOS in the introduction?

Do not know if it is not the IP6 thrust and the previous iPhone4 caused different, I remember 4 random use of Samsung's remote control headphones did not like this too. Iphone4's thrust is about 16 Euro 5-7mw, and iphone6 ​​will be higher, about 10mw. There is no MFI (Apple's "Made for iOS" abbreviation.), you can only think of it. Fortunately, good dog services, decisive returns, because it is really tossing by EarPods enough, forbearance, second best, not wheat, audition in fact, the effect is not bad, just no wheat can choose red and blue show colors, into the It!

Hey, it's still pleasing to this product.

You may also notice that there is a version of vsd2s. In fact, the difference is that vsd2 is a low-frequency enhanced version, and vsd2s is an equalized version. I like bass, and I choose D2.

Out of the box are basically the same, I share with the remote control version of the place to share

Dog East bag, one-time opening, that is, every time I make it shit

The package is exactly the same, the difference is in the color, or do you think it looks good?

The difference is that before the remote control board comes with 4 sets of earmuffs, regular placed on the sponge, VS2D is a storage bag wrapped in a plastic bag (bag containing 2 sets of earmuffs and ear hooks), storage bag is divided into cloth cashmere bag

VSD2 wire snake appearance

The family portrait is exactly the same

Ontology, red right blue left

Ear hooks, the line control board marked L and R, VSD2 no, but in fact the ear hook any band, will not be anti

VSD2 has a slider control beamline

Continue ontology


Unexpectedly into different models of the same model, but there are some differences

1. It feels that VSD2SI earloop texture is not VSD2 soft and is worn for a long time. VSD2 is definitely more comfortable.

2. Since the VSD2SI is a black ear, the ear tags are L and R + LOGO. The VSD2 only has a LOGO.

3, headphone packaging texture, wire control board VSD2SI black sponge mat is obviously more texture, similar to the hammer T1 box inside the feel

VSD2 is obviously soft and feels relatively cheap

4, earmuffs with the number of 4V2

5, different lines of wire, personally think that VSD2 is more fashionable and good-looking

Compared to a headset with a price of 200 yuan, the performance and quality of the Wicked Nick is still awesome, giving the character a worthwhile feeling. Since I haven't had enough time to open my headphones, I also write a complete original with the headphones and the player.

Or that sentence, radish greens, for their own, do not regret after the election, is the king.

In the end, the price-performance ratio and the price-performance ratio are also the hope of everyone. I wish to see the article's value-friends select the products that I am happy with, and I wish the aunt editors to be happy and happy.

The figure shows the batch of early Philips chips from the Meizu Music card M3.

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