KBA H9 eight-core processor, almost no friends

Brand: Kaibor

Recommended products: Kaibor H9
Reference price: 299 yuan
Processor: RK3368 eight-core 64-bit processor
System: KIUI7.0
Content resources: excellent friends video and video playback platform
Video decoding: Supports H.265
Output Resolution: 4K (3840 x 2160)
Storage: 1GB RAM + 16GB Flash Memory
Recommended index: ★★★★

Kaibor H9 details:

The KBolle H9 has continued Kaibor's metal style in the design of the airframe, and uses aviation-grade aluminum alloy material to manufacture the same processing method as the Apple Macbook aluminum alloy shell manufacturing process. The Kaibol H9 has the ultimate sense of perfection, and the texture is even more. First class.

The KBolle H9 has a strong configuration of the PC-class RK3368 eight-core 64-bit processor, supporting eight Cortex-A53s running at a peak 1.5GHz at a time. The GPU is a Mali-G6110, which can achieve the same processing performance as a PC, running faster, and processing power. Stronger.

Kaibor H9 TV box to meet the user's video viewing needs, for the partners to provide excellent friends video and video playback platform, as long as the stability of the network to ensure that a large number of film and television, variety resources and other content with you on demand.

Interface UI:
The KIUI7.0 system of the KBA H9 is a human-computer interaction interface independently developed by Kaiboer, which is based on user needs and has been updated and optimized for seven generations. It is a user-friendly operating system that can be freely enjoyed by mass-market movie videos and televisions. Programs, game applications, comprehensive and rich.

The KBolle H9 supports multi-screen interactive functions, allowing users to easily project pictures and videos from their mobile phones and tablets onto large-screen televisions and share exciting moments with family and friends. The multi-screen interactive function can also easily turn the smart phone in the hand into a remote control for the open-Boer H9, incarnate the mouse and keyboard, perform voice control, and serve as a gamepad to achieve intelligent integration across the borders!

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