Lantiq Introduces Industry's First Home Gateway Reference Design

21ic Lantiq has announced the launch of the industry's first home gateway reference design EASY330 reference board built around the standard. The EASY330 is based on the Lantiq AnyWANTM concept based on the Lantiq GRX330 multi-core network processing unit, which features gigabit routing performance, providing maximum flexibility in the design and deployment of customer premises equipment (CPE). It also includes an embedded 11n offload engine, optimized 802.11ac Wi-Fi throughput, Gigabit Ethernet switches and physical layer (PHY), carrier-grade VolP, and built-in leader in modems. Sckipio Technologies' chipset.

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Lantiq CEO Dan Artusi said: "With the launch of the EASY330 reference design, we have brought our customers into a new phase of designing cutting-edge, future-out broadband gateways. The related systems represent Lantiq's G A milestone in the .fast development roadmap that enables telecom companies to cost-effectively leverage and upgrade their copper-based networks to gigabit speeds."

Sckipio CEO David Baum said: "By partnering with Sckipio, Lantiq became the first company to offer a complete,, fiber-optic node to home end-to-end solution. Our joint efforts will Enable leading telecommunications companies to leverage their copper-based networks to deliver gigabit speeds and bring ultra-fast broadband to all homes."

Lantiq has been a major contributor to's standardization work. is the next generation broadband access standard recommended by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) (G.9700/G.9701). The new last-mile technology uses the Broadband Forum's Fiber-to-Distribution Point (FTTdp) architecture and will deliver up to 1Gbps of network speed over twisted pair. With technology, service providers will reduce the cost of deploying ultra-broadband networks, maintain lower operating costs, and increase overall customer satisfaction.

By partnering with Sckipio, Lantiq uses Sckipio's modem chipset in the EASY330 reference board to provide stable ultra-wideband performance from the FTTdp Distribution Point Unit (DPU) to the home gateway over the copper line. Sckipio also collaborated with Lantiq on its DP3016-EVM Distribution Point Unit (DPU) reference design and adopted the Lantiq GPON SFP in its design.

Competition from cable television networks and government-sponsored broadband plans are driving DSL providers to deliver higher data rates, while these leading telecommunications companies are looking for a smarter way to provide their customers with the highest data rates. Fiber to the home is costly. In the application scenario of fiber-to-distribution point (FTTdp), is the most attractive option for telecom operators to provide ultra-fast broadband speed.

Lantiq's GRX330 communications processor is available now, and the Easy330 reference board will be available at the end of the year.

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