LED Bulb High Brightness

LED Bulb High Brightness

LED bulb advantages:

1. Adopt high-quality high-power LED as light source ( LED bulb bulb   Seven-segment led digital tube   LED light bulb manufacturers    ), energy saving and environmental protection , and high brightness , long life .    

2. The lamp body is made of magnesium alloy material , light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance and weather resistance, and good heat dissipation. 3. Good color rendering, more realistic display of physical colors, various light colors available to meet the needs of different environments.

4. The lamp holder adopts E27 standard screw mouth.

5. With adjustable light device. Applicable places Various places indoor lighting, outdoor rain cover garden lighting

Our product features

1. Lamp Bead: Using 3014 LED , single LED power is only 0.08W , and the light is soft, the spectrum is pure, the luminous efficiency is high, the luminous efficiency of the traditional energy-saving lamp is 50-60lm/W , and the bulb light of our company reaches 80-90lm/W .

2. Lampshade: It is made of anti-static material and glass, and its light transmittance is more than 95% . The uniformity of illuminance is good, and it is not irritating to eyes.

3 , heat sink: lamp shell using 6063 aluminum extrusion molding, heat and thermal conductivity superior. The use of hollow heat conduction design increases the contact area between the heat-conducting surface and the air, and has good heat dissipation effect. In addition, the contact surface of the lamp bead and the aluminum substrate is bonded with a thermal paste, which facilitates the heat dissipation of the lamp bead.

4. Drive circuit: It adopts primary and secondary complete isolation chamber design, with overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection and short circuit protection, safe and reliable.

5 , lamp connector: applies to the global range of voltage, can be changed to E27 , E26 , E14 and other specifications of the lamp, easy to install.

6 , light distribution technology: the use of advanced light distribution technology, so that the LED point light source is extended to LED surface light source, increase the light emitting surface, eliminate glare, sublimation visual effects.

Applications: For shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, exhibition halls, conference rooms, hospitals, showcases, living rooms and other places, especially for high-luxury large-scale lighting design.

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