LED indoor lighting should focus on indicators, light distribution and light pollution

The 2012 Shanghai International New Light Source & New Energy Lighting Forum's " Indoor Lighting Future Trends" Summit was held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall. At the meeting, Professor Xiao Hongqing of the Taiwan University of Science and Technology made a speech entitled "The Future Trend of Indoor Lighting - LED Indoor Lighting Application Fully Launched On the basis of analyzing the current status of semiconductor lighting technology and market development, the speech pointed out that when developing LED indoor lighting, attention should be paid to the indicators of indexing, light distribution and light pollution.

With the increasing use of LED products in the indoor lighting market, how to develop more suitable lamps is the focus of many companies. In this regard, Professor Xiao Hongqing of the Taiwan University of Science and Technology put forward at the 2012 New Light Sources & New Energy Forum. For a long time, some problems have been neglected in the development of LEDs, that is, we are excessively pursuing high light efficiency, and forget that indoor lighting requires low color temperature. The lighting brightness has forgotten the light distribution, and I want to do intelligent control but forget the needs of people.

The primary concern of LED indoor lighting applications should be the color rendering index. Because no one wants to see people's faces in the room like ghosts. Color temperature is also an important requirement, which has a great influence on the display effect of goods. In boutique clothing stores, clothes are pretty beautiful at low color temperatures without high color temperatures. Color temperature can create an environmental effect that adds value to the product. LED lamps that can adjust the color temperature are definitely superior in clothing stores.

Secondly, the basic function of the lamp itself is to provide an electrical connection to the light source. In general, the user is most concerned about whether the lamp can illuminate where we want it to illuminate and whether it makes us feel comfortable; however, For professional lighting designers, in addition to familiar with the selection of various lamp body, lens and reflective system, you must also understand the spot quality of the lamp according to the light distribution curve of the lamp, calculate the efficiency of the lamp and any point in the space. The illuminance value can also be used to calculate the illuminance distribution in the spatial region. It is no exaggeration to say that the light distribution curve of the luminaire is the lifeline of the luminaire.

Finally, LED lighting should also pay attention to light pollution problems. The current living environment emphasizes the regulation of light intensity and the regulation of light flicker. Because there are a lot of lighting and advertisements at night, too bright affects people's sleep, and the flashing of lights will also affect driving safety. The biggest fatal injury of ACLED is that the strobo problem can't be solved, so I think ACLED is only suitable for street lights and outdoor lighting , not suitable for indoor lighting. Unless the strobe problem is resolved.

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