LED product promotion and application and energy saving and emission reduction

Guangdong Province promoted the application of LED lighting products work conference held in Guangzhou, research and deployment of Guangdong Province in the public lighting field to promote the popularization of LED lighting products. In order to increase the promotion and application of LED high-efficiency lighting products, Guangdong Science and Technology Department has organized and implemented special actions such as “Thousand Miles of 100,000” high-power LED street lamp industrialization project and green lighting demonstration city, and explored “Contract Energy Management ()+ Business model such as supply chain + finance, and achieved certain results, but due to the difficulty in recycling energy-saving benefits, the risk of investors is not well solved, which directly affects the scale of promotion and application, and the driving force of Guangdong LED industry. Not strong.

At the end of 2011, Guangdong Science and Technology Department and China Southern Power Grid and other units have conducted in-depth research, repeated argumentation and scientific calculations, and on the basis of soliciting opinions from various localities on the listing and relevant departments, researched and proposed the implementation of the promotion and application of LED lighting products in Guangdong Province. "Proposal", it is recommended to use the contract energy management model as the core, take the energy-saving income from urban public utilities as the lever, and take the public lighting field as a breakthrough to establish the promotion and application of LED lighting products with government-led, market operation, coordinated division of labor and supporting promotion. The system accelerates the promotion and application of LED lighting products throughout the province to achieve the comprehensive goal of energy saving and emission reduction and LED industry development.

Promote the application of LED products combined with energy saving and emission reduction work

Director of the Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province, Li Xinghua said that according to the data of the LED demonstration project in the past two years, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology has calculated the economic benefits and energy saving and emission reduction effects of the LED street lamp renovation project. It is estimated that if the 2 million LED street lights are to be reconstructed, the total investment of the renovation project will be 4.89 billion yuan. After the transformation, during the total life of the LED lights (9 years, 35,000 hours), the local finance will receive energy saving of up to 7.4 billion yuan. At the same time, the total load of street lamps decreased by 300,000 kilowatts after the renovation, and the annual electricity consumption decreased by 1.2 billion kilowatt hours. During the life of the LED, a total of 10.8 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity was saved, equivalent to saving 3.79 million tons of standard coal and reducing sulfur dioxide. It emits 70,000 tons, reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 2.68 million tons, and reduces smoke and dust emissions by 70,000 tons.

It can be seen that the energy-saving benefits are extracted in proportion from the urban public utilities attached to the electricity tariff, and the investment in LED transformation can be fully paid, and obvious economic benefits and energy-saving emission reduction effects can be produced.

Promoting the application of LED products will drive the development of LED strategic emerging industries

In addition, in response to market applications, this key part of the development of strategic emerging industries, Guangdong Province will establish LED application demonstration projects as a breakthrough in the development of the LED industry. As of the end of 2011, the province's LED lighting demonstration project has promoted the application of LED street lamps 300,000 baht, driving the annual output value of the LED lighting industry to exceed 150 billion yuan, ranking first in the country. It can be expected that under the impetus of the application demonstration scale established in the “Implementation Plan”, the LED consumer demand in Guangdong Province will achieve explosive growth, and the strategic goal of achieving the province’s LED industry scale reaching 500 billion yuan at the end of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” is just around the corner. The LED industry will surely grow into a new growth point for the province's economic development.

The Implementation Plan is highly operational and innovative.

According to Director Li Xinghua, the "Implementation Plan" reflects the convergence of policies and the innovation of measures, and has strong operability. The Implementation Plan combines the actual conditions of Guangdong to formulate accounting policies and fiscal and tax incentive implementation rules for encouraging the adoption of lighting energy-saving products and the development of energy-saving service industries to ensure that relevant policies can be implemented and operational.

On the one hand, the energy-saving income expenditures returned by government agencies and institutions in accordance with the EPC contract are treated as energy costs and included in the annual budget. On the other hand, for the LED retrofit project implemented by the contract energy management method, according to the provisions of the State Council issued [2010] No. 25, Cai Jian [2010] No. 249 and other documents, financial incentives and income tax are respectively awarded. , business tax, VAT exemption and other preferential policies.

At the same time, the "Implementation Plan" also established an administrative supervision and assessment mechanism to improve the sense of responsibility, mission and urgency of promoting and applying LED products everywhere. According to the "Implementation Plan", the provincial government will sign a responsibility book for promoting the use of LED lighting products with the listed government at various levels, and include the promotion and application of LED lighting products in energy conservation and emission reduction assessment. The provincial LED lighting technology and product promotion and application joint meeting will formulate relevant assessment methods, which will be organized and implemented by local science and technology authorities. From 2012 onwards, the annual assessment report will be carried out, and the assessment results will serve as an important basis for energy conservation and emission reduction responsibility assessment.

The "Implementation Plan" stipulates that the products used in the promotion project must be the recommended catalogue products of the province's LED benchmarking system, and priority should be given to products with high energy efficiency and high local matching. The "Implementation Plan" also imposed strict disciplinary measures on fraudulent practices such as not providing and purchasing products.

In addition, the "Implementation Plan" also proposed that the development and reform department is responsible for the use of LED lighting products as a precondition for the approval of financial investment construction projects. The construction design department is responsible for adjusting the design specifications so that the design of the power supply equipment is more conducive to the use of LED lighting products. The grid company is responsible for formulating the minimum energy efficiency standard based on LED lighting, and evaluating the energy efficiency of the lighting system of the applicant unit in the telegraph loading (compensation) approval section, and the lighting project that does not meet the minimum energy efficiency standard is not approved.

It is understood that the contents and policies of the "Implementation Plan" have been affirmed and recognized by the provincial leaders and local and relevant departments, and have been officially issued and implemented. It is particularly worth mentioning that Guangzhou Municipality has acted swiftly. Under the framework of the “Implementation Plan”, it has formulated a LED product promotion and application program that covers the city's urban and rural road lighting with the central six districts as the forerunner, and accelerates the promotion and application of the province. LED lighting products have taken the lead and set an example.

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