LeTV U4 Pro Touches Gold: Let Old TV Translate to Super TV

Among the Internet TV brands, LeTV, which sold 10 million TVs in three years, not only achieved an industry ranking that was significantly ahead of its rivals, but also used its own gameplay to subvert the entire market's development pattern.
However, for most domestic consumers, television is not a fast-moving consumer product that is frequently iterated, and television is a durable consumer product that should not be replaced in three or five years. So, the question is, when the development of Internet TV is getting bigger, how can old TV rejuvenate? There is no doubt that the TV box is the best choice, and the U4 Pro box that will return to the end of 2016 may be a good choice for users.
The high-value, high-performance music box U4 contains three versions. The appearance design and hardware and software configurations are basically unchanged. The basic version of the price of 299 yuan includes one month of super sports membership, and the U4 member version of 399 yuan contains more. 6 months of super film and television members, and the 499 yuan U4 Pro eco version includes a month of super sports members and a year of super video members, and the internal storage space doubled to 16GB from the previous two versions, we experience this It is the top-end music box U4 Pro.

About 10mm thickness similar to smart phones, the new LeTV box has become a new benchmark for TV box product design. With the floating design around the product, the visual perception of LeTV U4 Pro is almost on the desktop. Equivalent to a card.
However, the ultra-thin design is not perfect, for example, in the external interface arrangement, LeTV Box U4 Pro only provides an HDMI2.0 interface and a USB2.0 interface focused on the back of the product, unable to achieve network cable connection, in addition, if you It is often necessary to watch the contents of a USB flash drive or a removable hard disk on a TV, and peripherals such as game pads are best to choose a Bluetooth connection instead of using a USB adapter.

In the entire package content, LeTV U4 Pro comes standard with a 5V/2A input power supply, an HDMI cable, a Bluetooth remote control that supports language functions, and two 7-cell batteries. It should be noted that the Bluetooth audio remote controller is just a music box. U4 Pro's standard, the other two versions of LeTV's original factory with the same key layout of the infrared remote control.

The parameters, the music as the box U4 support 802.11ac dual-band Wi-Fi and up to 4K video output, so the version is built-in Cortex-A53 architecture clocked at 2.0GHz 4-core 64-bit Amlogic S905 processor, 2GB DDR3 memory, The graphics processor is a five-core Mali-450 with a running frequency of 750Mhz. Although this configuration is not as good as LeTV's own Super TV product, it is enough to be in the front camp of the TV box, decoding 4K video and running the current video game content. No stress.
Let your old TV also have access to the big screen ecosystem software. The LeTV U4 all have the same level as the Super TV product. The EUI 5.8 user interface is customized based on the Android 6.0 system, which means it can not only Let your old TV get the same experience as LeTV, and enter LeTV's big screen ecology in one step, and enjoy the vast amount of quality content resources.

Like LeTV, when we connected the music box U4 Pro to non-television TV, a familiar “I'm not a TV...” success banner appeared on the screen, content planning is still divided into happy see After updating the latest system, sports, children, games and shopping, users can customize up to 6 sections at the top of the interface, relying on the good performance of the box itself, so rich interface content, operation fluency is still quite satisfactory.

As for the function of each plate, it should be familiar to users who have used LeTV as well. For example, the Leye Desktop is the distribution center for the latest and most complete video content. The movie stars and variety shows of popular stars are in this prison. Invincible tyrants.
Backed by everything from Super League, Champions League to NBA, golf and all-round sports content, LeTV’s box will definitely win the favor of sports enthusiasts. In particular, LeTV will be the broadcaster of the exclusive Formula One race for new media and will be closed at CCTV. After the competition, it undoubtedly brought better choices for the majority of motor sports enthusiasts.

It is also worth mentioning that with the help of children’s desktops, LeTV’s box can also turn television in the home into a childcare tool, provide educational resources for children of different genders and ages, and strengthen the role of television in home use scenarios.
In addition, big-screen shopping is also a business that LeTV has attached great importance to recently. Through the LeTV box, the large-screen shopping experience of users on different brand TVs is consistent with Super TV, which has played a positive role in the development of a new living room economy.
Finally, in LeSport’s leading industry big screen game business, the music box U4 Pro that we experience can fully meet the entertainment needs of users from all dimensions of hardware and software.

Two large representative video games based on Tsing Wing Apocalypse and Wild Rider 8 were tested, and LeTV U4 Pro was able to run smoothly under the highest quality. As for other lightweight games, Presumably there will be no problem.

Therefore, in general, the significance of the birth of LeTV is to allow different brands of TV products to quickly and super-television experience and content core in a cheaper and more convenient way. It is that you are not replacing existing television. Under the premise, one way to innovate the big screen experience is to take a short cut before you decide to purchase LeTV Super TV.
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