Life tips: help you solve common problems with air conditioning

The hot weather makes air conditioners the preferred cooling tool for thousands of households. The air-conditioning usage rate is gradually increasing, and the subsequent use problems are also happening continuously. Since the air conditioner has been placed in midair for a long time, many friends do not care after using it. Here is a brief introduction to the common problems of air conditioning in daily use. Friends who have air conditioning in their homes may wish to come together to understand.

1. Must the air conditioner power supply be grounded?

The air-conditioner socket must be equipped with a ground wire to ensure that the air conditioner is effectively grounded through the air-conditioning socket, and the grounding is not complete, and there is a danger of electric shock.

2. How should the air conditioner be stored during the season change?

Maintenance after the end of the season: In the sunny air supply state, start the operation for about half a day, so that the interior of the air conditioner is completely dry. Turn off the air conditioner and turn off the power switch. Otherwise, even if the air conditioner is in a stopped state, it will consume a certain amount of power. Clean the filter net and the indoor unit and the outdoor unit, and cover the unit with a cover.

Maintenance before the start of the season: Check the air inlet and outlet of the indoor and outdoor units for obstructions to avoid reducing work efficiency. Be sure to install a dust filter to ensure that the air filter is not dirty, otherwise it will damage the machine or cause malfunction due to dust entering.

3. What should I pay attention to when using air conditioners for seasons?

If the air conditioner is deactivated for a long time, do not set the temperature immediately before using it for the first time. It should be energized before the use for a week or so to check whether the air conditioner is abnormal, especially the air conditioner with high power such as frequency conversion one and two cabinets. Prevent the compressor from getting stuck in the cylinder and affect the service life of the air conditioner.

4. Does the refrigerant need to be changed every year?

Many users feel that the air conditioner must be replaced with a refrigerant for a period of time. In fact, this view is not correct. Although the air conditioner is cooled by the refrigerant like the refrigerator, since the refrigerator is a closed type refrigeration device, it is generally unnecessary to add a refrigerant. The air conditioning refrigeration system is semi-closed, and there will be some leakage of refrigerant during the cooling process, so sometimes it needs to add refrigerant.

However, the leakage of each air-conditioning refrigerant is different, so there is no requirement for the user to replace it at a specific time. In fact, air conditioners that use four or five years without adding refrigerants abound.

5. What should I pay attention to when cleaning the air conditioner?

Please do not clean the air conditioner inside the air conditioner to avoid electric shock. Do not touch the air outlet when the air conditioner fan is running. Do not insert any tools into the grille to avoid danger.

6. How often does the filter need to be cleaned?

Dust will block the filter mesh and reduce the effect of cooling and heating. It should be cleaned once in about half a month; do not block the air outlet of the outdoor unit, otherwise it will reduce the cooling and heating effect and waste power.

7. Where is the air outlet when cooling/heating?

The cold air flow is heavier than air and easy to sink, and the heating flow is reversed. Therefore, the air outlet is upward when cooling, and downward when heating. The outdoor unit is placed in a dry and easy to dissipate heat. The indoor unit and the outdoor unit connecting tube should not exceed the recommended length as much as possible, which can enhance the heating or cooling effect.

8. What is the reason why the air conditioner supplies air but the indoor temperature does not drop?

Under normal operating conditions, the temperature difference between air supply and return air (indoor temperature) should be above 8 degrees Celsius. If it is not reached, the air conditioning capacity is insufficient.

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