Mango å—¨ Q Live 2015 "Juvenile Four Famous Persons" Conference

The upcoming "Juniors' Four Greatest Names" to be broadcast on March 17, 2015 will be held in Beijing at 14:30 on March 16th. The leading conferences will be made by Zhang Han and Yang Yang. Zhang Han's "Junior's Big Four" is scheduled to be broadcast on March 17 at Hunan Satellite TV's single-player theater, and will be broadcast on the Mango TV platform. In addition, Mango and Q also joined hands with Mango TV and will broadcast the “Juvenile Big Four” live broadcast. The users and fans of TV boxes are blessed.

"Juvenile Big Four" launch broadcast conference

The new drama “The Four Youngest Boys” was starred by Zhang Han, Yang Yang, Chen Weixi, Mao Zijun, He Xiaoming, Zhang Xining, Jia Qing, and Wu Yingjie, and was joined by Zheng Shuang, Zhang Meng, Bai Bing, Han Dong, and other popular idols. . Among them, Zhang Han, Yang Yang, Chen Weixi, and Mao Zijun’s high face value of the four small fresh meats will once again arouse spectators’ screaming and screen-raising craze.

"Juvenile Big Four" launch broadcast conference

"Juvenile Big Four" launch broadcast conference

Zhang Han's version of the "Four Youngsters of the Youth" was jointly launched by Ray Media and Huanrui Century Film & Television Media Co., Ltd., with Liang Shengquan and Huang Junwen leading. This 2015 martial arts idol idol giant "Juvenile Four" is the highest value drama in history. Except for Zhang Han, Yang Yang, Chen Weixi, Mao Zijun and others who bring a visual feast for the audience, the plot is of course the The core content of the play.

The "Four Great Names of Youngsters" was adapted from Wen Rui'an's "Four Greatest Names" novels. The story uses cold blood as the main line and the Ming Dynasty as the story background. The four famous names are ruthless, chasing, ironman and cold-blooded. Zhuge is guarding the capital under my leadership, shoveling evil and eliminating evil, and is trying to find out the case of Yu Xi and drive the Fox to deal with An Shiyi.

In the play, Zhang Han plays the swordsman master "cold blood", William Chan plays the "prodigal prodigal son" chase, Yang Yang plays the dark weapon master "relentless", Mao Zijun plays the "king of the wind" ironman, Zhang Xiaoning starred in "The strange, good "Innocence" from the stranger Chu, and the play's largest BOSS "An Shih-chieh" is Ho Sang-ming demeanor.

"Juvenile Big Four" launch broadcast conference

The launching of the “Juveniles’ Four Greatest Names” on March 16th is now in its countdown stage. Presumably, the appearances of the starring protagonists on the field will set off a climax, and fans from all walks of life will also flock. The launch conference will be broadcast live by Mango TV. Users of mobile clients, PC clients, etc. can download the Mango TV APP to watch the conference of “Four Youngsters”, while users of Mango Q can directly use the TV box. , landing Mango TV video side, enter the "four young teenagers arrested" conference live broadcast channel can watch the conference the first time online.

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