MediaTek Releases Imagiq Image Signal Processor to Detonate Smartphone Multimedia Revolution

Supports dual main camera, high quality video and video capture for an uncompromising mobile shooting experience

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21ic News has announced that it will fully implement its self-developed Imagiq image signal processor (ISP) on its "Helio" high-end smartphone chip solution to meet the increasingly high-performance multimedia functions of smart mobile terminals in the future. Claim. MediaTek's Imagiq image signal processor integrates a number of advanced photographic camera technologies and functions to take full advantage of the dual-main camera, significantly improve the picture quality and video capture experience, and greatly reduce the difficulty of shooting. It can also be easily used with a smartphone. Easily capture professional-quality photos or videos, allowing consumers to enjoy the world of uncompromising mobile photography.

Zhou Yujun, senior vice president and chief technology officer (CTO) of MediaTek, said: "Smartphones are moving from hardware and parametric competition to competing content and experience. Content and experience are largely based on multimedia technology. Realized, so multimedia will become the key to the future smartphone market. The camera is an important channel for mobile terminals to capture and generate content from the outside world. Imagiq combines several advanced technologies to help the camera capture and generate high quality images and videos. Content, subverting the shooting experience of smartphones."

The dual-main camera will become the standard for high-end smartphones. Median Imagiq designed the following technology for the dual-main camera to greatly enhance the dual-camera experience.

· Real depth large aperture video (Real-time Large Aperture DOF Effect ) - Built-in stereo 3D sensor, the depth map in real time to crawl (depth map), and the aperture value <0.8, even when the real-time preview is rendered large aperture depth effect.

· Real mirror the depth of field (Reality DOF) - using the depth map of the subject and the background in the photo is mapped to multiple layers, smart phones locate the subject and background, and instantly create interesting pictures with depth of field effect by filling creative effects Or video.

· Color (Bayer) + Mono (Smart) dual - camera - 3 times more light source than traditional single color sensor, which effectively reduces noise and greatly improves shooting quality

Dual zoom lens (Dual Camera Zoom) - by two-lens system equipped with a wide-angle lens and a telescope, and after taking a picture, the two photos into one, significantly improved picture clarity when shooting distant objects.

Excellent image and video quality, as well as the convenience and simplicity of shooting, are two of the most concerned consumers in mobile photography, and Imagiq can meet the two needs of consumers.

With Imagiq's range of image quality enhancement technologies, even in harsh environments such as low light and jitter, it is possible to take close to real high-quality photos, and the operation is simple, and ordinary users can also produce professional-grade effects.

• Hybrid AF ( PDAF + Laser AF) — A combination of phase focus and laser focus for faster focus and low light shooting.

· Phase all-pixel auto focus (Pixel-level Auto Focus) - focus speed and accuracy comparable to the human eye, which is four times that of conventional auto-focus speed, especially for real-time recording of fast moving objects

· New demosaicing and sharpness enhancement engine (New De-mosaic and Sharpness Engine ) - a large area to identify and implement adaptive color texture, capture smoother, more delicate texture and photos, especially for low light conditions

· The new adaptive noise reduction engine (New Adaptive Denoise Engine) - also effective noise reduction even in low-light environments, a more realistic level rendering video and photos

Instantaneous HDR photography —supports instant HDR photography, capturing perfect HDR images without ghosting.

Automatic Image Stabilization (Automatic Image Stabilization -AIS) - The rapid burst of four photos integrated into one, eliminating the blur caused by the wobbling of

· TrueBright engine - the first time to support RWWB sensor, the light sensitivity is twice that of traditional RGB sensor, and it can produce fine, high-sensitivity high-quality photos even in low light conditions.

· 3A Hardware Engine (3A HW Engine) upgrade - captures more natural and vivid photos

In addition to improving image quality, ImagiqT also has a wealth of video capture capabilities:

Gyro-assisted electronic anti-shake system (EIS + Gyro) - predicts motion information with complex hardware engines, effectively eliminating video jitter and distortion

· 32-times Super-slow Motion — Supports shooting 720p video or 1080p video at 480 frames per second (FPS) at a slow speed of 1/32 to generate 960FPS video, and users also The video can be edited autonomously under the super slow mirror effect.

· Temporal noise reduction (Temporal Noise Reduction) - through advanced time domain noise reduction technology, to identify the location of the noise, and its suppression, more pure and delicate rendering of video in the preview screen and shoot.

· 4K HDR video - for the first time to support 4K HDR video capture for better video quality.

Starting from MediaTek P20 and Philip X20, the ImagiqT ISP will be used in the high-end products of MediaTek's series, and mobile phone manufacturers can choose some or all of them according to their needs.

MediaTek will demonstrate some of Imagiq's key features at the “Lianfa Technology Vision X20 Conference” in Shenzhen on March 16th, so stay tuned.

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