Meng Meng å“’ jellyfish small lamp DIY

“I confess, I am really an origami control. I often use a few delicate curves and folds to guide the pure and soft white paper into what I want her to be. Just like what you see in the photo, look at it. Meng's heart-shaped, fast-moving shape, lightweight and stacked precision structure. Sorry, please let me stay alone for a while."

(after 5 minutes of silence)

"Yes, she is now a jellyfish Table Lamp ."


Two-way elevator

1 Tools and materials

2 Everyone

3 template preparation

4 nicks

5 fold type

6 painted

7 stereotypes

8 “floating”

1 Tools and materials

Enamel or varnish sprayer

Hot melt adhesive

Flat mouth screwdriver


Hard kraft paper or card stock of 9"x9" or larger

LED or battery socket, I bought it at Home Depot

1/4" diameter, at least 2" long wooden stick

Paper buckle

Grinding gasket

Scotch tape

2 Everyone


Start by collecting and placing your raw materials!

It is best to find a place to paint and dry your jellyfish table Lamp . You can lay a newspaper outside or pull a rope in the fire exit, and your jellyfish table lamp can be placed (or hung) there.

If the conditions are limited or you insist on doing the job in the house... For your health, remember to find a room with lots of windows and ventilation.

3 template preparation


Print out two jellyfish templates and cut off the excess. Carefully combine the two templates into a circle as shown above, flatten them, and then fix them with clear glue.

4 nicks


Place the circular template from the previous step on the hard kraft paper (card stock), pick up the prepared screwdriver, use the flat end edge as the tip, and draw a line along the lines on the template. This will accurately “copy” the lines on the template onto the hard kraft paper, while also making your jellyfish surface look natural and clean. This process is called "scoring."

5 fold type


After printing the stamp on the hard kraft paper, the transparent glue-fixed print template can be removed.

Cut it along the outer circle of the jellyfish and fold it inward along the four straight lines that pass through the center of the circle (so that all of these folds will protrude like the top of a hill).

The crease of another small circle at the center of the paper is also strengthened.


Fold inward along the curve next to each line to make them look like a valley facing you.

While folding, carefully use your nails to top the inside of each fold to make the folds and edges more plump and smooth.

After folding, use adhesive tape to fix the lower edge portion.

Repeat this process to complete the folding of the other 7 curves. It will soon be full.

6 painted


It takes only a few simple folds, and an ordinary white paper becomes the curved bowl of the object in front of you. Is it amazing?

Now this paper is a bit like a jellyfish. Right, we use a paint sprayer to varnish it, which is both protective and can seal the fine lines of paper. This step doesn't seem to matter, though. . . It will allow your jellyfish table lamp to last longer, not to be grayed out, and will not leave your evil little fingerprints.

The outer side of the paper should generally be covered with 3 layers of thin paint. When the last layer of paint is applied, remember to remove the previously glued adhesive paper. How long does it take to spray each layer of paint? Take a look at the instructions of the paint sprayer.

A layer of varnish should also be sprayed on the inside of the lamp.

7 stereotypes


Fix each corner with a copper paper clasp (the place where the seal was previously applied). Of course, you can also use glue, stapler pushpins instead of paper buckles, you can even sew these corners! I chose paper buckles just because I think they are more beautiful.

8 “floating”


Now we should put all the parts together!

Visually estimate what size of wooden stick you need to fix your jellyfish lampshade to the lamp holder and just 1" high above the ground (or desktop). I need a 2" long stick. First of all, I placed the stick between the two blades of the scissors, rotating the stick, leaving a nick on the 2", and neatly cutting off the stick.

I applied hot melt glue to the middle of the lamp holder and glued the stick to it. Finally, I applied a little hot melt adhesive to the center of the lampshade and gently placed it on the top of the stick to secure it.


Ok, now you have your own jellyfish lamp! Just can hide the supporting wooden stick under the curvy skirt, is there a kind of erratic suspension feeling~

Put it on the shelf or on the bedside table, press the switch lightly, the color is friendly and gentle light plus the shape of the cute, the effect will be great. But don't forget that it's just a paper table lamp, it's very easy to damage (precious items, take it lightly!).

If you still want to continue making improvements, you can change the size of the print template to make a larger or smaller jellyfish table lamp. Or you can make a shade of the same shape with colored paper or card paper with your own pattern. I believe that with your imagination, you can make a more beautiful and incredible lamp!

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