Millet box / millet TV IP address how to check?

There are a lot of friends who want to set restrictions on their home routers to prevent them being dragged away, but they do not know how to query their own IP address of the Xiaomi Box/TV. Today Xiaobian teaches you two ways to view the IP address of the Xiaomi Box/TV.

(A) Millet Box/TV Settings View
1. Open the Xiaomi box/TV to the main interface.

Millet box main interface

2, select "millet box / TV settings."

Millet Box/TV Settings

3, select the connection settings. Select Wireless and Network → The network you are connected to (the wifi name of the connection is called tvhome millet).

Millet Box/TV Wireless Connection

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Millet Box/TV Wireless Network

4. Check the “IP address” column to see the current network address of the Xiaomi box.

Millet Box/TV IP Address

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