Mulinsen: Raising funds to invest in three LED projects

On June 13, Mulinsen (002745) announced that the 28th meeting of the second board of directors of the company was held on June 8, 2016 by on-site plus communication in the conference room on the fifth floor of the company. The meeting was notified in 2016. Issued by email and in writing on May 27. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Sun Qinghuan, the chairman of the company. It should be attended by 7 directors and actually attended 7 directors. The meeting was convened and held in compliance with the relevant provisions of the Company Law of the People's Republic of China and the Articles of Association. The meeting was legal and valid.

The meeting voted by written vote. The directors of the meeting carefully reviewed and formed a resolution, and reviewed and approved the “Proposal on Establishing a Special Account for Raised Funds and Signing a Tripartite Supervision Agreement on Raised Funds”.

Approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission on the approval of the approval of the non-public offering of shares of Mulinsen Co., Ltd. (Zheng Jian Li [2016] No. 414), the company was approved to issue 83,827,918 new shares at a non-public offering price of 28.01 yuan/share. The total amount of funds is 2,348,019,983.18 yuan. After deducting the issuance expenses, the actual net proceeds raised are 2,315,739,400.00 yuan. Ruihua Certified Public Accountants (special general partnership) has verified the status of the funds raised in this issue on May 12, 2016, and issued the “Capital Verification Report” of Ruihua Yanzi [2016] No. 48380014.

In order to regulate the management of the company's fundraising and protect the rights and interests of investors, according to the “Regulations on the Supervision of Listed Companies No. 2 – Regulatory Requirements for the Management and Use of Funds Raised by Listed Companies”, “Stock Listing Rules of Shenzhen Stock Exchange”, “Shenzhen Securities Trading” The company's "Guidelines for the Standardized Operation of Listed Companies of SME Boards" and the relevant provisions of the company's "Management System for Raised Funds", the company will deposit the funds raised in this non-public offering of shares in three special accounts, and sign the "raised funds account" with the relevant banks. The Storage Tripartite Supervision Agreement, the information of each special account is as follows:

1. Name of the bank to be opened: Bohai Bank Co., Ltd. Zhongshan Branch

Account Name: Mulinsen Co., Ltd.

Bank Account

Bank Address: Bohai Bank, Yinglian Times Square, 48 Zhongshan Road, Zhongshan City

Amount (RMB 10,000): 61,575.50

Uses: The company raised funds to invest in Xiaolan SMDLED packaging technology reform project

2. Name of the bank: Industrial Bank Co., Ltd. Zhongshan Branch

Account Name: Mulinsen Co., Ltd.

Bank Account

Bank Address: No. 21, Boai 5th Road, East District, Zhongshan City

Amount (RMB 10,000): 94,317.33

Uses: The company raised funds to invest in Ji'an SMDLED package first phase construction project

3. Name of the bank to be opened: Zhongshan Branch of Ping An Bank Co., Ltd.

Account Name: Mulinsen Co., Ltd.

Bank Account

Bank Address: 6/F, Tower 1, Central Plaza, No. 1 Xingzheng Road, East District, Zhongshan City

Amount (RMB 10,000): 75,681.11

Uses: The company raised funds to invest in Xinyu LED application lighting construction project

With the popularity of LED outdoor screen, it is more and more used for lighting and store layout, becoming a beautiful scenery line in modern metropolis.

SMD Outdoor Fixed LED Screen features: 

1. Strong visual impact, dynamic picture and sound, all-round let the audience feel, effectively transmit advertising information to guide consumption. In the face of overwhelming advertising, memory limitations and unlimited information dissemination, the use of LED display has become a scarce resource.

2. According to the shape of the wall, it can be straight or curved. Shape diversity creates more personalization and strong visual impact;

3. The credibility of the audience is high. Compared with the rejection and distrust of the advertising flyers artificially distributed on the street, the application of LED display makes the audience more active and passive. It can avoid the help barriers caused by the conscious active avoidance of the advertising audience, and greatly improve the credibility and promotion of the LED screen advertising content.

4. Accurate advertising, the original extensive advertising effect is not good, resulting in waste, so it is more product content to meet the needs of the masses, hot news, hot TV and movies can be used for reference, to control the market heat and laws freely.


Product structure: outdoor LED display mainly consists of screen body, control system, heat dissipation system and structure. The control mode includes remote control and field control, timing switch, etc.


SMD Outdoor Fixed LED Screen

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