Net transmission Ningbo Andy Optoelectronics boss running road verification is in progress

Since the incidents of Dolly, Borent, and Desida have once shocked the industry, it seems that the industry is no longer sensitive to the running events of LED companies. Some people even call it “common”, but for a new one. Participated in the Frankfurt exhibition in Germany, with a registered capital of 10.98 million US dollars, the existing plant area of ​​more than 40,000 square meters, companies dedicated to LED packaging and application fields were sent out by the boss, the business situation was in crisis, or caused a small shock in the industry.

The netizen broke the news that "Ningbo Andy Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. owed employees four months' salary, and the chairman of the board Yan Weifeng has already run." Subsequently, the reporter dialed Yan Weifeng's phone, but no one answered.

After the reporter contacted a person who had held a senior position at Andy, he said: "I left Andy early, I don't know about their current business situation, but the boss is also very likely to run, because in 2009, the company owed The bank has two or three billion yuan, and the business situation at that time was not optimistic."

Immediately afterwards, the reporter dialed the phone number of Andy General Manager Zhang Yongan. After the reporter repeatedly confirmed his identity, Zhang Yongan refused to answer the reporter's question with "no comment." The reporter once again showed his identity and expressed the hope that the division would be able to arrange a representative to clarify the truth. After repeated questioning, Zhang Yongan told reporters: "There is no need to rush to clarify this unsubstantiated information," and it is clear that the current operation of Andy is normal.

Subsequently, the reporter once again received a message from a netizen, saying that Zhang Yongan had left the company since last year and no longer serves as the general manager of Andy. The netizen also said: "In March last year, it owed 200 million yuan in debt. It took about three months to change the director. The electricity bill owed more than 100,000 yuan. It is estimated that it will not last."

However, the netizen also said frankly: "It is said that it is running, and maybe it is sneaking to raise money." This also reminds reporters that last year, the boss of Mao Duoyi was touched by public opinion and disappeared back to Shenzhen after many days of disappearance. , to explain the process of the incident, and to reorganize the event of Duo Duo.

Afterwards, the reporter contacted Andy's internal staff, saying that they have not heard the boss running, but the internal business situation is indeed not optimistic.

Andy's internal employees have a different word, and whether the boss has already run the road remains to be verified, but from all interviewees, Andy's internal operations have indeed seen no small problems. "Only the door-related enterprises, there is no closed industry." At present, the life and death of Andy Optoelectronics is not enough to shake the development of the entire industry, the industry does not need to panic, but reporters hope that other companies can identify defects and eliminate one step for their own characteristics. Step to the edge of the end. At the same time, if "running the road" is purely a rumor, I hope that Andy's high-level officials can show their innocence, and people who are informed are welcome to break the news.

Until the press release, the company's phone has been in a state of no answer, and people familiar with the matter said that the company has been completely shut down. This website has contacted local personnel for on-site verification.

Established in 2005, Ningbo Andi Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. is a green energy product research and development, manufacturing and sales company specializing in LED packaging, LED application lighting and solar energy, wind and solar hybrid power supply system, dedicated to providing customers with a series of power saving. High-tech enterprises with energy-saving service solutions. The registered capital of the enterprise is 10.98 million US dollars. The company covers an area of ​​53,000 square meters, and the existing plant area is more than 40,000 square meters.

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