New revolution: vehicle man-machine interface to meet the wave of digitization

Do you remember how happy you were when you first discovered that your phone can support a variety of different music ringtones? Ironically, most of us will still choose old-fashioned phone ringtones; it is already in the mid to late 1990s, but our fascination with mobile phones has increased.

Time has been fast-forward for 20 years. We have seen examples at the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which is welcoming the “digitalization” wave that mobile phones have experienced. The car manufacturer's factor technology can be astonished and fascinated by its possibilities, but still hesitant (and oysters) to create a new vehicle man-machine interface.

Renault has released a "R-Sound Effect" at CES, claiming to provide "six different engine sounds" in the cockpit when the driver is bored with the natural exhaust pipe. Option. Exhibitors and attendees are exploring how to retrofit the old Cadillac or Corvette models, and even the dashboards of antique cars, on the latest models in digital form.

Quickly develop and experiment with innovative digital dashboards with the latest Human Interface (HMI) design tools, such as Nvidia's user interface compiler; the company says the HMI design tool supports 3D rendering and light source movement And instantly recreated a variety of complex materials such as carbon fiber, polished metal, stitched leather and glass.

It’s really cool, and that’s why it reminds me of the old days when mobile technology began to develop 20 years ago. After a long time, the wisdom of many people, and the design revolution of generations, the user interface has developed into a user interface, not the fate. So what about the vehicle man-machine interface? I think there is still a long way to go.

The functional icons on the screens of the car infotainment system seem to be too complicated and even make me feel ugly; but so far, the kind of "use a car to put a smart phone bag The idea of ​​getting up is hard to change. Tesla's 17-inch large car dashboard is a new tip, many manufacturers are waiting to see if they are following up, trying to create a unique center console; some use dual screens (one navigation, one for entertainment purposes), and even multiple screen solutions .

With the rise of the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), the issue of the vehicle's human-machine interface has become more complex, and more information must be ensured—including those captured by cameras that are equipped around the car. The head-up display (HUD) or windshield projection is a new option that every car manufacturer needs to know; because the HUD is a transparent information display, the user does not need to remove the line of sight from the windshield.

I also heard that some car manufacturers are considering removing the rear view mirror (based on aerodynamics), and instead of taking pictures of the car cockpit and displaying it in the car cockpit... This is true, the following is a series of This year's CES exhibition site debuted on the latest car communication entertainment system, car dashboard, let us open our eyes together!

Automotive center console interactive display using DLP technology

Car center console using DLP technology

I am an old-fashioned, still accustomed to the traditional car knobs and buttons, because they are tactile and intuitive operation; but the DLP projection interactive car display prototype shown by Texas Instruments DLP department is very good for me. Appetite. DLP technology can transform the surface of the car's center console into a large-size screen, allowing the center console designer to use a "no-wire" dial (pictured above).

Kia's horizontal display

Kia's in-car display solution console

Kia's booth at the Korean car showcases in-car display solutions, including car dashboards and infotainment devices; large-size horizontal displays are infotainment applications that display navigation, ADAS, weather information, and more. But isn't it that seems a bit too complicated?

Infotainment uses large-size horizontal displays to present a variety of messages

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