New wireless communication transmission rate record is born: up to 40G/s

Yesterday, a new wireless transmission rate record was announced at the compound semiconductor integrated circuit conference: up to 40G/s, which is 40 times faster than LTE Advanced's 1G/s. The invention was developed by Chalmers University of Technology, Herbert, Sweden. Professor Zirath jointly developed.

The new record transmission bandwidth is in the range of 141.5-148 GHz. This ultra-fast wireless technology can be applied to the backhaul between signal towers, and may also involve applications outside the handset. In this regard, Ericsson is planning to transmit signals between the base station and the tower.

Wireless communication chip

This 140GHz transmitter chip contains an IQ modulator, a 3-stage amplifier and a 3x frequency multiplier, only 1.6*1mm

According to Zirth, this invention has recently been applied to mobile relay networks for high-speed transmission over distances of several kilometers. Now, the transmission between the backhaul line and the tower is in the 141.5-148 GHz bandwidth, but the transmission rate is only half of the highest value. Of course, this technology can be applied to WLAN in the future.

In order to increase the transmission rate, the researchers also had to adopt an indium phosphide transceiver. In fact, other attempts have failed.

According to reports, the R&D team has been working on a millimeter-wave transceiver for 12 years and has also developed a high-speed data transmission device for 6 years.

The R&D team will also complete the packaging of the transceiver chip and intercommunicate with other lines to achieve higher speeds. This new product will also achieve higher processing speed.

Zirath said that the development of the chip's packaging and signal processing modules is underway, and the team will also demonstrate 100G/s wireless transmission rates in the next few years. This research and development cost is provided by the Swedish Strategic Research Foundation.

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