Oculus Touch Controller Experience: Hands of VR World

The Oculus Rift released early this year is a very interesting VR helmet, but it is not perfect, especially the lack of hand tracking controller, which became the biggest omission in its body. But now, Oculus has managed to make up for this shortcoming, and invited the media to the company headquarters for their hands-on experience with the controller Touch.

Although the Touch will not be officially released until December 6, but from the current experience point of view, this controller feels very comfortable, tracking accuracy is also quite high, an additional camera is also a plus. In this article, we will introduce several technical presentations provided by Oculus.

VR Sports Challenge

As early as 2006, the Wii Sports game has demonstrated the potential of motion control technology to millions of players in an easy-to-understand manner. For the Oculus Touch controller, the meaning of "VR Sports Challenge" is the same. However, compared with Wii Sports, this game is lack of competitiveness and interest.

The VR Sports Challenge does not simulate all aspects of sports like Wii Sports. Instead, it divides them into a series of mini-games and abstracts them into fractional challenges in the process.

For example, in football, you need to use your sights and then throw the ball into the green highlights. Then, your view will immediately switch to the goal position, and you need to reach out and press the controller's trigger key to catch the football flying in slow motion.

The game of basketball is also limited. You can't run on the court or grab a position at the basket, but you can only dribble to a specific position and pass the ball. It's great to have a touch-and-shoot with the touch of a wrist. Physical judgments are also forgiving. Even if your shooting angle is not good, basketball can successfully fly into the basket.

Ice hockey is the most interesting of these sports. You will play the role of a goalkeeper in the game and watch the other player pass the ball effortlessly. During the movement of the hockey puck, you must keep an eye on it, because when it comes to the goal, you must immediately block it with a stick or hand.

As the game progresses, you will slowly unlock new game features and more mini-games.

In summary, "VR Sports Challenge" is a simple and inconsistent technology demonstration. The purpose is to let new users know how to use the Touch controller. However, due to the lack of social elements like "Wii Sport", most players may put it out of order after an hour or so of experience.

The Unspoken

Thought of a wizard's addiction, The Unspoken can satisfy your wishes.

The game features a natural, intuitive motion control interface that allows you to instantly feel the power of magic flowing in the body. You can fire fireballs directly or use magic shields, or use simple gestures to activate more powerful spells. For example, to raise a wall, you need to hold down the trigger key and draw an X by hand. To summon a skeleton, you need to put the palms together and then make a swing punch.

Although there is a certain limit to the single-player mode, "The Unspoken" seems to focus on multiplayer online magical duels. In the beginning, facing your enemies in a VR environment can be a little strange. In the first-person view, you can attack each other, but you cannot move easily. However, it will not take long for you to master how to find a vantage point for cover against your enemies.


"Medium" can be seen as a work that Oculus used to fight against "Tiltbrush". It also has many commendable places. But unlike Tiltbrush, which focuses on painting/graffiti, Oculus's game is more focused on making 3D objects with actual depth of field.

"Medium" provides a series of preset templates, such as human anatomy and mechanical devices, etc., which will allow you to get started quickly. Once you are skilled, you can use tools such as smearing, flattening, rotating, cutting, and deforming to shape the basic shape into what you want to make. Later, you can further spray and decorate the prepared 3D model.

The game's interface and Touch controller complement each other. One of your hands holds the tool plate, and the other hand is used to select and use these tools. The trigger key is the main control method in the game, but you can also use the joystick to quickly undo, or rotate, increase/decrease the size of the tool.

If you just want to simply graffiti, games like Tiltbrush are easier to get started. But if you want to make some realistic 3D models, "Medium" will have more room to play.


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