On the strength of 65-inch large screen, four smart TVs are recommended

For many things, people always like bigger ones. After all, buying a car is a big space. The mobile phone needs a large screen, and the television has to be large. So the size of mainstream TVs ranges from 40吋, 55吋 to 65吋, which is an inevitable trend. Among them, there is a driving force. The cost-effectiveness of smart TVs is getting higher and higher. Larger sizes are no longer so far away for consumers. Ordinary households can buy large-size TVs in the living room to be more stylish and more powerful.

Recommended products: Cool open 65U2 (Click for details)

Reference price: 5999 yuan

Cool open 65U2 has surrendered performance, good enough to play mainframe games. The 20-core processor is equipped with 8GB of storage, and the configuration far exceeds the viewing requirements. The game "NBA 2K16" and "Far Cry 2" can be played without any pressure. After upgrading the GPU image processing technology with the co-processor, the image rendering technology is doubled, the screen is richer, and it is more attractive. Instead of letting children play PAD, it is better to compete with him and create a new era of family and children.

Cool open 65U2 has surround sound + Dolby decoding + DTS2.0, can reproduce the direction of each sound source in the game, as if there is a feeling surrounded by sound from different directions, plus two speakers, so that the offensive horn shocked Each corner, surrounded by multiple, deeply shocked.

Coocaa 65U2 supports various games, including pistols, gamepads, and remote controls. From shooting combat to parkour racing, from casual puzzles to children's playgrounds. Including over 2,000 size games, more than 200 mainframe games, using Yunyou online operating transmission technology, with high configuration and clear picture quality, play a large game. There is also a pistol-controlled, large-screen PVE-based game called “Diablo Breakout” that is in depth cooperation with Cool TV.

Editor Comments: Cool open 65U2 equipped with cool open "big content", to provide users with more than film and television, but also includes games, education, health, tourism, shopping and other differentiated full-scale content, distinctive big content, experience different .

Recommended Products: Philips 65PUF6056/T3 (Click for details)

Reference price: 5999 yuan

Create a powerful engine for Philips 65PUF6056/T3 smart TV, built-in powerful 17-core 4K chip, so that the control experience is fast and smooth, can effectively handle multi-tasking operation, no dramas, movies, games are played, enjoy the happy life .

Intelligent optimization, unforgettable picture quality. Philips 65PUF6056/T3, has a powerful image quality processing capabilities, 4K point by point refinement, greatly enhance the screen performance, to present you with excellent, clear, unforgettable visual experience!

Philips 65PUF6056/T3 built-in WiFi integrated WiFi allows you to connect to the Internet surfing. Simply use the Easy Setup Wizard to connect your TV to your wireless home network to enjoy all the benefits of Smart TV, wireless control, simple and quick.

Edit Comment: Ultra-wide surround sound is Philips 65PUF6056/T3 sound technology, can significantly magnify the sound field, so you immersed in the sound world. Ultra-wide surround sound uses advanced electronic phase shifting technology to mix sounds from the left and right sides to extend the virtual distance between the two speakers. This wider spread of space greatly enhances the stereo effect and produces a more natural sound dimension. Ultra-wide surround sound allows you to experience deeper, wider surround sound without using additional speakers.

Recommended products: Changhong 65U3C (Click for details)

Reference price: 5499 yuan

The way to experience the shock of the movie is to watch movies in the UMAX living room theater and enjoy a stunning movie viewing experience. Changhong 65U3C is equipped with UMAX viewing system. Through the digital processing of TV signals, it restores the cinematic film sense of ordinary TV pictures, allowing the TV picture to be rich in color and natural, and experiencing a stunning shocking movie, letting you place yourself in a giant screen movie theater. UMAX living room theater, viewing is different.

Changhong 65U3C

Changhong 65U3C uses 64-bit 4K Mali-T860 high-definition quality engine, through multi-core free collaborative operation, analysis of image data, bringing a broader three-dimensional color space, experience 4K ultra-high-definition picture quality is complete. The same picture, in the dark light image, 4K HDR+ image contrast is higher, more layered, able to show the details of the delicate image. In order to solve the problem of black spots, dark field, strong light and backlighting, the flaws in the details are insufficient.

Changhong 65U3C built-in Tencent games massive resources, support a variety of specifications external game controller, to create a dedicated smart TV gaming platform. Hot new films, large movie theaters, theaters in Europe and America, variety broadcasting, and massive content you want to see here.

Editor Comments: Changhong 65U3C also equipped with a new CHiQ mobile terminal, open the phone voice function, you can place the phone in a phone through mobile phone voice commands to operate the TV to complete the control.
Recommended products: Haier card U65H3 (Click for details)

Editor Comments: Changhong 65U3C also equipped with a new CHiQ mobile terminal, open the phone voice function, you can place the phone in a phone through mobile phone voice commands to operate the TV to complete the control.

Reference price: 4799 yuan (Jingdong)

Why do you choose 7-8 rows of seats in the IMAX studio? In the IMAX film room, the seventh and eighth rows are commonly referred to as "the emperor." In terms of speaker sound, the stereo effect is good and not unbalanced. On the screen aspect, the viewing angle is moderate, the presence is strong, and the picture is more realistic. Therefore, the seventh and eighth rows are the most sought-after areas in the entire movie hall.

Haier M card U65H3

Built by Haier, Haier Modular Card U65H3 with exclusive Internet customization is equipped with a 64-bit Cortex A53 1.2GHz dual-core CPU, MaliT720 4-core GPU, escort your quality of life, enjoy life without a Caton, cinematic experience, and champagne gold face value. The appearance is natural and smooth.

Haier M card U65H3 also established partnerships with Youku Video and Hua Digital licensees. Addictive American dramas, heart-rending Korean dramas, and shocking historical dramas are all loved by the whole family.

Editor Comments: According to the theater IMAX screen standard, the ratio of the screen area to the screen width is 13.6:1; while the Chinese family's living room area is about 20 square meters, to enjoy the IMAX viewing at a viewing distance of 3.5-4.5, Perhaps you need a 65-inch wide-screen TV with a width of 1.5m. Then, a Haier Modular card U65H3 with a Samsung LCD screen is a better choice.

Editor's comment: Watching TV can stimulate the brain to release endorphins, which brings joy and diverts our attention. It is a good decompression method. However, it is best not to indulge in television, because once you turn off the TV, the sense of relief will immediately disappear, and negative feelings and lower alertness will remain. Relatively speaking, social and sports will be more effective.

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