Philips plans to showcase its latest home-grade OLED TV in September

Philips recently announced plans for a new flat-panel TV in 2012, which will include a number of new LED backlights, 3D and smart TVs including the PHILIPS3500, 4000, 6000 and 7000 series. One of the most important products is the latest OLED TV that Philips expects to showcase in September 2012. This is an OLED TV that Philips is preparing for the home-level market, which will be exhibited at the IFA2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Berlin.

OLED is currently used for small and medium-sized display screens represented by smart phones. OLED displays have high contrast, fast response, wide color gamut, wide viewing angle, wide application temperature range and low energy consumption, and can be made flexible. Or transparent display, the development potential is huge.

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Transparent Led Display

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