Q1 TV sales rankings released PPTV 43P impressive results

April of 2016 was an unusually lively month for the Internet television industry. When various Internet companies launched new television products, they still did not forget to give their own “eco-park” a reputation. Some insist on opening up and closing the ring, some stick to the channel as king, and some call out hardware free slogans, and some do the dream of advertising revenue. The things that have become so inexplicable that they have been pushed to the cusp are inevitably somewhat forgettable. Most internet companies’ TV sales offline market cannot compete with traditional manufacturers. Fancy work is no more useful, and sales are the most important indicators for testing products.

The latest monthly retail sales monitoring data of TV products in China Yikang line in March has been released, among which TCL, Hisense and other domestically-established TV products ranked one or two, and we were also pleasantly surprised to find that the Internet brand PPTV 43P also Into the top three, this is the only one among the top five offline sales of the Internet brand products. Sanyo and Skyworth followed fourth and fifth.

In addition to the March data, in the offline ranking data for January and February of this year, PPTV 43P even sat on the throne of the top-selling offline sales for two months. This ranking has also evoked the author's keen interest in this TV. After digging into the offline sales ranking of PPTV 43P listed on a monthly basis, it was found that the author did not expect that PPTV 43P had been listed since September 2015. 6 In the month, 5 months ranked among the top 5 in the single-model best-selling ranking, and 3 months occupied the top position in the best-selling model.

After the listing of PPTV 43P, it was consecutively listed on the offline sales list. In particular, after the spring of 2016, the Internet TV brands got together and unveiled new products, which still failed to impact the sales volume of PPTV 43P.

Such sales figures have also left a deep impression on consumers and the media. Since July last year, PPTV held a strategic conference to announce that "there will be no longer absent in the future," and after launching four hardware products (PPTV-55T modernist, PPTV-55P observant, PPTV-43P Queen's policy, and one 4K smart TV set-top box), PPTV's voice has not been intermittent.

In August of last year, PPTV spent 250 million euros to obtain the right to play in La Liga. In November of the same year, PPTV also signed a cooperation agreement with Liverpool Club to become Liverpool's official TV and set-top box partners, and announced that it will launch a customized version of Liverpool's PPTV TV this year. PPTV has made its own characteristics by exerting its power on the sports industry in various forms.

In addition, PPTV relied on Suning as a powerful backing, which has a very big advantage in terms of funds, channels, and after sales. On the 10.29 brand day last year, PPTV immediately launched the "five free policy": free membership annual fee, free advertising, free enjoy high-definition picture quality, free shipping, free installation fee. In one fell swoop broke the industry's invisible contract, so that the real benefits to every consumer.

According to the sales laws of PPTV 43P in recent months, it will continue to occupy the offline small screen TV market with its superior cost-effective advantage. In the next May sales season, PPTV may also pass a series of offline sales. Promotions, with greater discounts and better after-sales service to create new sales miracles.

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